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Window Screen Kit - Fiberglass Screen

Window Screen Kit - Fiberglass Screen

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Kit Size
Frame Color Show Colors?
Screen Color Show Colors?
Add Crossbar
Standard Fiberglass Insect Screen.
All The Parts Needed to Make One Window Screen

Easy fabric to work with.
You cut the frame to your specific size requirements.
Custom cuts required and is Non-Refundable.
Kits include:
-Choice of frame color
-Choice of screen color
-Spline roller tool in each order
-4 Pieces of 5/16" x 3/4" (.020 ga.) frame
-4 External corners (no miter cuts required)
-2 Slide-in corner leaf springs
-2 Lift tabs
-Correct size spline
-Detailed Illustrated Instructions
Optional items:
-1 Crossbar and 2 crossbar clips

What if you could order all the components needed to assemble the perfect size window screen for your windows at home? Not only would this be convenient, but it'd also be cost efficient, as shipping unassembled pieces is less costly. We're excited to offer this exact option here at Quality Screen Company! This fiberglass window screen kit is effortless to order and put together. All you need are the dimensions of your windows! The DIY kit is great for those who prefer doing the work themselves to make sure the frame fits the windows just right.

You'll first choose your fiberglass window screen kit size according to your measurements taken at home. These range from 3' x 3' to larger sizes like 4' x 6' and 4' x 7'. Once you receive the frame, you'll need to cut the four pieces to be an exact fit for the window. The frames come in White, Bronze, Tan, Silver, and Champagne to complement the color scheme of your home. If your frame is over 3' x 3', we recommend adding a crossbar for additional support. With a crossbar, we will supply two crossbar clips. For this kit, we provide standard fiberglass insect screen. This is a very easy material to work with that will do a great job of keeping problem bugs out of your home like mosquitos, flies, and gnats. Plus, fiberglass is forgiving when pushed against, so it can be installed in high-traffic areas without easily ripping or becoming punctured. You may choose between Silver Grey and Charcoal wire screen, each of which look excellent. We also provide the right size spline to properly install the screen into the frame.

The fiberglass window screen kit makes building screens a simple and stress-free project. A spline roller tool, four external corners, two lift tabs, two slide-in corner leaf springs, and detailed illustrated instructions are included with your order. Please note that these kits are NON-REFUNDABLE. If you have other questions about our fiberglass window screen kit options, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

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Screen Corners Solid External
Joseph P. Helm
Jan 19, 2020
Was exactly what i needed for my project.
Instruction pictures and type size could be improved!!!! Ya got old people ordering these screens as well!!
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Jul 21, 2019
Thank you for an excellent product & OUTSTANDING Customer Service!

Advantages: Quality product!
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Tom Fitzsimmons
Apr 15, 2019
Great kit first time ever making screens materials were outstanding would recommend

Disadvantages: None
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Apr 15, 2019
I built approximately 14 screens. The materials are good quality and instructions were adequate. Measuring the size I needed was my most difficult challenge. I re-built some numerous times because I measured too close to the actual size. That may sound weird but in my case my measurements really needed to be 1/4" smaller than the actual inside width. I'm still pleased with the purchase though and would recommend to others.

Advantages: - Good quality
- Kit pieces fit together nicely.
- Simple to build, and take apart if necessary.

Disadvantages: - Took practice to apply spline at right tension to prevent screen from bending.
- Measurement directions on instructions discussed necessary adjustment due to corners but could have been improved with note about fitting size needing to be abit smaller than window width.
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Frank Lepre
Sep 19, 2018
I was shorted 4 plastic corner’s on my last screen order. Called customer service no action as yet. I like the DIY kit but you need to complete my order!25677
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Jun 17, 2018
Worked great - would buy again
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Zachary Williams
Nov 29, 2017
Pretty simple setup, although my kit was missing the clips for the crossbar. Had to call and get those sent afterwards. It's for a rental and I am still waiting to make sure the frame fits before putting in the screen, but seems pretty easy. Includes a good tool to fit the screen into the frame.

Advantages: You get to measure and cut it yourself so you can ensure a good fit for your window! Can't ask for much more than that! Much cheaper than having them custom made. I should go into the business with these window screens!

Disadvantages: Didn't have the clips that said were included. Otherwise no disadvantages.
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Francis Kulick
Nov 17, 2017
Absolutely a perfect screen & instructions. The local glass/screen supplier wanted 80.00 for the screen. I couldn't stomach that! Grateful Quality screen sells these kits!

Advantages: Awesome price, nice quality of materials. I do 98% of all my own work, so this kit was a definite plus.

Disadvantages: Plastic corners..aluminum would be more durable over time.
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Cooper John
Nov 14, 2017
Great screen kit. No need to cut 45 degree corners.

Advantages: Instructions are very good. I really liked the hint about holding the screen square with blocks of wood. I wish I would have had this hint when I did some other screens several years ago. I assembled the screens on my deck so I simply tacked the blocks of wood to the deck.
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Della Tenney
Jul 31, 2017
My window project required a custom size replacement screen. I tesesrched online and found quality window screens.com. I submitted my order and it was quickly acknowledged. and shipped. It came with everything I needed to put together a professional looking application replacement. I would definitely rely on this company again if I need screening supplies.

Advantages: See November.

Disadvantages: No disadvantages .
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