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Rollup Solar Shade Screens

Exterior Rollup Solar Shades
Exterior Rollup Solar Shades
Interior Roller Shades
Interior Roller Shades

If you’re looking for quality roll up solar shade screens, you’ve come to the right place! We offer many different types of exterior and interior shades made to make your space more comfortable during warm, bright weather. The standard screen includes a 16lb. clutch, internal hem bar, and plastic bead chain. However, you may upgrade to a stainless steel chain and add bottom grommets to attach hold downs. The best quality of our solar shade screen roll up options is that when you don’t need the shade, simply roll it up out of the viewing area.

The exterior screens are made with Twitchell™ Textilene®, which greatly reduces the rise in temperature to keep your space cool and comfortable. These durable, pet resistant shades can be ordered in either 80% or 90% depending on the level of sunlight you’d like to have in your space. The exterior roll up solar shade screens would be beneficial on enclosed patios, porches, gazebos, and more. Choose from black, brown, desert sand, beige, white, black/brown, and grey.

If exterior shades aren’t ideal for your needs, we also offer five different types of interior roll up solar shade screen selections. The Sheerweave 2000 Series is for those who need opaque and non-directional fabric for their shades. These allow for 5% of sunlight to pass through, effectively minimizing glare. For a sleek, modern look, opt for the Sheerweave 5000 Series Contemporary Collection. Depending on the fabric color you choose, these shades allow for 3-10% of sunlight. Choose from 17 unique fabric colors to perfectly match your space. Need a more natural shade appearance? The Sheerweave 5000 Natural Collection offers 24 fabric options in earthy, relaxing colorways. These too allow for 3-10% of sunlight to pass through. We have two blackout solar shade screen roll up offerings as well. The Sheerweave 7000 Series allows for no sunlight to pass through and has the look and feel of cloth. You may choose from eight great colors. Similarly, the Sheerweave 7100 Series also offers blackout shades. With a laminated blackout fabric, they offer the unique ability to block UV rays from damaging your furniture.

Should you need motorized roll up shades or larger dimensions than what we offer here, please contact us. If you have other questions about our roll up solar shade screens, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a solar shade color?

Choosing a solar shade color is a very personal choice, and can vary depending on which room you will be installing it in. Solar shades made from lighter fabrics will reflect light both inside and out. By reflecting indoor lights, your rooms will be brighter, and the reflection of the sun's rays will help keep your home cool. Solar shades made from darker fabrics will absorb light, reducing glare, and maximizing your view through your shades. This will also help you retain heat in the cooler months. If you are concerned about protecting your furniture from sunlight, either color fabric will provide the protection you seek.

Can you see through solar shades?

The amount you can see through your solar shades depends on a few factors. The color of the fabric as well as the weave will impact your view through your solar shades. Lighter fabrics reflect light and heat, but this also brightens your room and can make it harder to see through your shades. Darker fabrics will absorb heat and glare from the sun, giving you a better overall view through your solar shades. These solar shades will reduce strain on your eyes, allowing you to look through your shades without worrying about squinting or shielding your eyes from the sun.

How do you make a roll-up shade?

To make a roll-up shade, first, choose the material you want your shade to be made from. Measure the space you want to cover with your rollup shade, then cut your fabric to the desired width and add 6 inches to the height. Apply fray block around the border of the fabric and allow it to dry for a few minutes. Attach your shade to your curtain rode using fabric glue, then roll the fabric around the curtain rod two or three times, adding glue to each layer. Secure with clips and allow each layer to dry. Insert a wooden dowel into the bottom panel of your fabric, using the same process you used for the curtain rod. Finally, add tie-up ribbons to hold your shade when it is rolled up.