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Disappearing Window Screen RollUp Out of Sight

Do you wish that you could just roll your screens up when you don’t need them? With the Genius® Window Screens, you can! These retractable window screens are made to fit almost every type of window, and when you’re not using them, you can roll them out of sight. They’ll give you the comfort and convenience you need when searching for the right frames for your at-home needs. These screens take only minutes to install, saving you time and money since no professional screener will be necessary. Plus, these retractable window screens have a reversible design to allow for more possibilities throughout your home.

The Genius® Window Screens come in two different styles that you can customize to fit your windows. The 4000 Series features a 1 13/16” x 1 7/8” roller housing design and heavy-duty charcoal fiberglass screen. The housing itself is available in Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand, and Almond. These frames are available in White and Bronze. Each of these styles will allow 20% more sunlight to enter your home as opposed to traditional window screens. In the event you’d like to enjoy a summer night’s breeze or early morning sunshine, simply open your windows and pull these screens down. They’ll keep insects like mosquitos, gnats, and flies out of your home as well. When you’re ready to close the windows, just slide the screens up into the frame housing. This will not only keep them out of sight, but also away from dirt, damage, and oxidation. Their design makes them last much longer than outdoor window screens, so they’re a sound investment for your home.

Install these easy-to-use retractable window screens to get the most out of your windows. Each screen purchase includes a complete hardware package and installation instructions. If you have questions about our retractable window screens, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are retractable screens expensive?

Retractable screens are a bit more expensive than your traditional screens, but the additions retractable screens bring can often outweigh that. The exceptional privacy, ease of use, ability to push them back up out of the way when not in use or need of them, and the way they open the viewing area as well as compliment the home make them worth the investment.

How much does a new window screen cost?

A new retractable window screen on average across the nation is generally $295 and can go upward toward almost $900 depending on where it is purchased.