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Along with window screen, we also offer the other components needed to fully build screen frames. Here, you'll find frame and spline options as well as porch and screen corners. Once you know the type of window screen you'd like to use, this section can provide you with the rest of the essentials.

For screen frames, we offer cut sizes and full boxes. If you're a homeowner, you'll want the cut sizes. Once you know the dimensions of your window, you can choose from our size options for standard, Crossbar, and Muntin frames. Crossbars offer additional support, whereas Muntin frames simply add aesthetic appeal. The full boxes are better suited for homebuilders, as they contain bulk frames of 50 items and up depending on the frame size. They're ideal for large screening projects in residential or commercial use.

We also offer screen corners, which are required in screen frame building. You'll find one only for older mobile homes, as it comes in a difficult to find ¼" x 5/8" size. Two internal corners, one plastic and the other aluminum, help to make miter-cut corners. Each of these will be long-lasting and effective in your screens. For external corners, the Solid External and Square Cut each have their own benefits that may be perfect for your needs. Order enough for your at-home screening or in bulk if you're a professional screener. All of our porch corners are high-quality and easy to work with.

To install wire screen into a frame, you need to have spline to set it into place. Three different kinds of spline are available here—flat, serrated, and Foam Core. Where the flat screen spline is often used for porches and patios, the serrated is frequently used indoors. If you wish to have spline that is extremely easy to work with, choose the Foam Core screen spline. This option is versatile and resilient, fitting into frame grooves quite easily.

These components will help you build beautiful frames that will totally change how you use your windows. If you have other questions about our selection of frame, spline, and screen corners, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.