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Screen Corners Solid External

Screen Corners Solid External

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For specialized screen installations, you will need specialized tools and products to ensure a lasting, professional-looking installation that can last the test of time. If you will be replacing a screen or installing a special application, such as a solar screen, a pet screen, or a super screen, you will want the most durable and tough materials to help these screens withstand the elements they may encounter daily.

Our solid external screen corners have been meticulously engineered to be more durable than the standard "hollow back" corners. The toughest, most rugged, and top-caliber plastic allows these external screen corners to withstand years of exposure to the sun, rain, snow, and nearly any weather in any environment without distortion or corrosion. These solid external screen corners are a necessary component when making standard square cuts to your screen as they make assembly precise and extremely easy.

For matching nearly any home's outer décor, designer approved colors that meld perfectly into screen frame shades are available. Choose from bronze, white, silver, tan, and classic champagne to flawlessly pair with screen frames. Quantities available are truly diverse to cover both do it yourself home screen repairs and professional screen installment contractors. Order 25, 100, or 200 per bag and up to 99 bags per quantity. Solid external screen corners come in sizes starting at 3/8 by ¾ inch, 5/16 by ¾ inch, 5/16 by 1 inch, or 7/16 by ¾ inch. Additionally, with all of the above sizes, each external screen corner is specifically designed to be a perfect match to the screen frames you will conveniently find right here. We strive to offer the industry's finest at budget-friendly prices to ensure there are exceptional products for all our valued customers.

If you need assistance or have any questions about our solid external screen corners, or any other product, email us or call us at 972-438-910. It would be our pleasure to help.

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Nov 21, 2020
I have Milgard windows and they do not always use standard colors. When looking for the screen corners for my window screens, none of the local stores had the size or the color. Quality Screen was awesome! I asked for a couple of samples to match the color, and I received them within days. These are quality made and I was able to choose the color that was the closest match. The pricing was pretty fair! The order came quickly, and I have enough of the screen corners to do all the window screens in my house!

Advantages: Awesome customer service, and good product!!! The cost was reasonable.

Disadvantages: None
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Roy Genduso
Sep 24, 2020
worked great made cutting frames very easy to size
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Thomas Meeker
Jul 29, 2020
Received the product in a reasonable amount of time given the Covid Situation. Price was reasonable.

Advantages: Was the only company I could find with the 5/16" x 1" plastic solid corners. I bought the screen tracks from Home Depot but they only carry the aluminum mitered corners that are more complicated for DIY'ers.

Disadvantages: Only received 99 of the 100 I ordered leaving me one full window set short.
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Richard Middendorf
Jan 13, 2020
I’ve ordered from Quality Screen twice. Once when I rescreened my screen porch. And again when I rescreened 11 windows in my house. Both times I received great quality materials in a timely manor.

Advantages: I found the size channels, corners and screen widths I needed.

Disadvantages: None.
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Doug White
Jun 19, 2018
I ordered some screen corners, but they turned out to be the wrong ones, and the company did not have the ones I needed. However, the office help immediately directed me to another outlet who helped me obtain the correct size I needed. I really appreciated the extra mile they went to help me out.
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Kyle Stephenson
Oct 28, 2017
Quality product and super fast shipping. Thank you!!!

Advantages: I needed a corner (5/16 x 1") that none of the big box stores not only didn't have in stock, but couldn't even be ordered. Quality Screen was the solution to my problem.

Disadvantages: None
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Brian Rushka
Sep 29, 2017
These corners fit my existing window frames perfectly. I have replaced corners, screen and spline, springs and lift tabs for all my windows. I'm really pleased with the whole experience. Thanks!
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Henry Carl
Aug 28, 2017
Perfect product at an affordable price

Advantages: Let's you make inexpensive repairs !

Disadvantages: None
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Bruce Schmidt
May 31, 2017
Bought all my supplies for re-screening my 2 story house and added screens to the non sliding side of the windows. Everything went well and we couldn't be happier with the results. Doing it yourself saves a lot of money and the videos were a big help.
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John Vincent
Oct 13, 2016
My order was promptly filled and delivered, and It was precisely what I ordered. Additionally, the staff was proactively involved with the process to ensure that I received exactly what I needed.

Advantages: Accuracy, timeliness, and preciseness.

Disadvantages: none.
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