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Crossbar Frame 5/16"x5/8" (.025 ga.) - Cut Sizes

Crossbar Frame 5/16"x5/8" (.025 ga.) - Cut Sizes

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As a homeowner, business owner or even a contractor, you know finding the perfect supply that provides both assured quality and falls within budgetary needs is crucial. Safety standards, as well as strong materials that will last, are needs that must be met. Here at Quality Screen Co., we will be your guaranteed supplier of everything you need window and screen wise.

Our crossbar frame or spreader bar at 5/16" x 5/8" adds that extra support large, spacious screens will need. Screens that exceed 48 inches and up can benefit from the use of a crossbar frame. Crossbars assist your screen from buckling or warping too much under its own weight or weather.

Crossbar frames of 5/16" x 5/8" are excellent to prevent your screens from bowing as well while also eliminating any unsightly wrinkles. Attaching a spreader bar for extra strength in your screens can be easy by pairing the bar with clips that secure in the spline channel.

We offer roll-form aluminum as it is a wonderfully lightweight, economical yet durable material for a screen frame on the market today. With over 15 years of our customized screen, frame, and window treatment expertise we've scoured the market to offer as well as create some of the top-notch products that can be ordered online.

Our crossbar frame measuring 5/16" x 5/8" is terrific for use in window openings as well and contractors will love the rust-free, polished look of our rolled aluminum to finish off an appealing porch.

  • Lightweight, easy to transport and handle
  • Fit any 5/16 frame
  • Heavy-duty and long-lasting
  • Metal resistant to corrosion and rusting

To match an already existing frame or for replacing and repairing a screen, we offer a selection of different colors that are exterior standards and favorites: silver, white, bronze, tan, and champagne for seamless mending. Choose from 3-foot cuts up to 8 feet, bound to fit nearly every need.

Our quality and affordability are like no other. When it comes to your one-stop window, shade or screen shop, we have everything you need.

Please note you must order at least 8 items; the frame is special cut and cannot be refunded. Attachment is made with our crossbar clips to fit frames.

Use our Crossbar Clips for attaching to frame.

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