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Screen Frame Bender
The Screen Frame Bender is used to make half-circle arched solar screens and eybrows. It is a mus...
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Step Drill for Spring Plunger Bolts
For Quick Installation of Spring Plunger Latches. The two step high speed steel drill bit has a...
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Frame Notching Jig
Frame Notching Jig
Screening Jig Sets
Screening Jig Sets (2)
Spline Roller Tools
Spline Roller Tools (8)
Utility Knife
Utility Knife (2)

Whether you operate a screening business or you’re taking on a DIY project, we have the right screening tools to help make the task at hand easier and efficient. Here, you’ll find all the screening equipment needed to assemble window and solar screens.

If you’re searching for professional equipment for your screening company, we have just what you need! We offer a Screening Table and Tower that will streamline assembly and keep your shop more organized. The table sits at a comfortable 36” height so you won’t need to crouch overtop of it. The metal frame easily locks into place with a simple tap of a mallet. Below the working area, you can conveniently store screen wire and retainer splines. The table is designed to hold ¾” particle board or plywood, which is not included. We also feature our Screen Frame Bender, which is used to create semi-circle arched solar screens. This is ideal to have in the shop so you can cut your own screens no matter the size and shape needed. If you need a drill bit to make plunger latch installation easier, choose the Step Drill. This two-step high-speed steel drill has a 7/32” shank which goes down to 1/8”.

Our screening tools inventory also includes several different smaller tools, which professionals and novices both can make use of in their projects. Our utility knives come with three heavy-duty blades and have three cutting positions. The knives will quickly cut through screen for fast assembly. Plus, we even have replacement blades that come in packs of 10 or a dispenser of 100. If you need a spline roller, we carry seven different types to choose from as well as replacement wheels. If you’re a homeowner, you should only need one or two of these. However, as a professional screener, you’ll need a variety on hand to tackle any job. You can make the assembly process of window screens much easier with the help of our screen table jig sets. These small, but incredible tools attach to your shop table and help hold screen frames in place as you roll in the screen wire. The frame won’t slip and slide, so you can get the job done much faster. If you need a hand installing latches, springs, or locks, our screen frame notching jigs and tools will give you a leg up. They’re designed to make notches into the frames for perfect installation. The notching jig ensures professional straight lines, but if you’re a seasoned professional, you may only need the notching tool.

Make window screen assembly a simpler and painless task with our screening tools. If you have questions about our screening tools and equipment, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.