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Milano 100 Retractable Screen Doors - Single Door
Retractable Screen Doors at Quality Screen Co. are designed to preserve window and door view whi...
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Milano 200 Retractable Screen Doors - Double French Door
Retractable Screen Doors at Quality Screen Co. are designed to preserve window and door view whi...
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Disappearing Screen Doors Retract Out of Sight

Genius® Retractable Door Screens are the answer to your porch and patio screening needs. Through easy installation, these doors will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without unwanted insects and debris from entering your home. Simply roll your screen door out to use and back in when you’re finished. We offer these retractable screen doors in single door and double French door options, each of which will complement the look of your home.

If you need a screen for your porch or patio door, the Genius® single door screen is a fantastic option. You’ll be able to install these with no special tools or screening skills. The single doors are made with a heavy-duty charcoal fiberglass screen fabric and a mechanical AutoLatch. You’ll be able to select the precise width, height, door mount, and housing side for your retractable screen. Plus, the frames are available in Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand, and Almond finishes. You’ll be able to look out to your front or back yard with an uninhibited view, so you can watch the kids, grandkids, birds, or simply bask in cool mornings. How you use your screen doors is up to you!

The Genius® Double French Retractable Screen Doors offer a beautiful display that will have you finding reasons to leave your doors open. These retractable screen options are designed to meet at the center of the doorway and easily roll away when needed. In six different frame finishes, they will even add to the appearance of your outdoor space. One side of the screens can be temporarily locked in place, so only one will move. Get the comfort you need for your home with these convenient, high-quality screen doors.

Need assistance measuring your outside surface area or inside jamb mount? See our helpful measuring guides, as well as our video on measuring and installing retractable screen doors. These resources will help you get your retractable screen door installed and usable in no time. If you have questions about our retractable screen doors, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

Genius® Screen Doors are custom made and are available to fit practically every type and size door. The retractable screen housing can be ordered to mount either in the jamb recess or surface mounted to meet your door needs.

Auto-Latch mechanical latch prevents accidental closing when touching screen. Positive secondary lock keeps product locked from inside of house.

Magnalock magnetic latch styles make closing simple but effective. Keeps insects out with positive full length magnetic seal.

With a complete hardware package and instructions, the typical Genius® Retractable Screen can be installed in minutes, not hours.

See the descriptions of both retractable door screens below.

Both are available in in Bronze, White, Satin, Black, Desert Sand or Almond finishes


Genius® Double French Retractable Screen Door

RollAway Double French Door Retractable ScreenThe Genius® Double French Door Screen features an Astragal Lock for one side allowing easy entry and exit through one side of the door. Unique feature not found on most rolling screen doors.

Can be mounted in the recessed door jamb or surface mounted.

Two Locking Options available.

Genius® Single Retractable Screen Door

RollAway Single Door Retractable ScreenBoth Genius® Retractable Screen Doors feature a 1-7/8" Profile Rounded Housing, High Quality Aluminum Components and Heavy Duty Charcoal Fiberglass Screen .

Can be mounted in the recessed door jamb or surface mounted.

Available in Six Popular Colors.

Smooth Gliding Adjustable Roller Guides

Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are retractable screen doors any good?

Retractable screen doors are an easy addition to any home. Using retractable screen doors makes it possible to enjoy fresh air through open doors, whether sliding or double French doors without the annoying addition of insects. When you do not need them, the screen slides into a compact frame installed on your home's exterior, stored safely and out of sight. This keeps them out of the elements and your home's exterior décor looking neat.

How much is a retractable screen door?

How much you will pay for a retractable screen door will depend on where you purchase it. The average cost for a single door is roughly $300 if you are installing yourself. The cost to install can range from $100 to $250 and can take roughly 30 minutes to 2 hours. If paying for installment as well from a professional, the cost can be an additional $50 to $75 per hour of labor.

What are retractable screen doors?

Retractable screen doors are flexible screen doors that retract and roll up into a housing that can be attached to the edge of a door jamb.

How do you fix a retractable screen door?

If your retractable screen door becomes damaged, there are several easy fixes. You may patch a hole or small tear in screens easily. If that negatively impacts your view, you may replace and install a new screen yourself.

  1. Remove the spindle from the door and gently remove the old screen-roll from the spindle by removing the end cap and any screws, sliding it out of the pull bar.
  2. After removing the pull bar and endcap, remove and discard the damaged screen.
  3. Insert a new screen-roll into the spindle and make sure the end of the screen is placed properly along the track in the pull bar.
  4. Make sure there's no slack in the new screen, then screw the end cap back on the spindle and pull the bar to secure a new screen in place.
  5. Hold the spindle sideways and manually test the screen.
  6. Re-install the spindle on your door.