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Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door
Custom Made And Assembled to Your Specifications. The Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door...
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Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT
Sliding Screen Door Kit is Custom Sized to Your Specifications. Frame is Pre-Cut and ...
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Prime Sliding Patio Screen Door
Custom Made And Assembled to Your Specifications. The Prime Sliding Patio Scree...
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Prime Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT
Kit is Custom Sized to Your Specifications. Frame is Pre-Cut and Rollers Installed ...
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With our sliding patio screen doors, you’ll be able to easily and quickly install them in your home. We offer these doors in five different colors to match your home or a customer’s house trim. You may also choose from the following screen types: fiberglass insect, Nano 50, Textilene® 80% Solar Screen, Textilene® 90% Solar Screen, pet-resistant Textilene® 80%, and No-See-Um 20x20 Tiny Insect screen. They’re made to be stronger and more durable than competitor screen doors. You may order a sliding screen door in one of two ways—fully assembled or easy-to-assemble kits.

Want some of the labor taken out of the screen door installation process? The classic sliding patio screen door comes in a fully assembled option, so you can quickly install it right when it arrives. The doors are very high quality and have adjustable spring-loaded wheels. The extruded aluminum frame is ½” thick and includes a UV-resistant locking handle. When ordering, you’ll choose the width, height, frame color, and screen type to perfectly fit and match your project needs.

If you’d prefer to build your own sliding screen door, our DIY kits are cost-saving and easy to put together. Since they’re shipped unassembled, we can offer the kits at a lower cost. They offer customers an affordable way to either repair old screens or replace them altogether. Plus, large sizes can be ordered here that can’t be shipped as fully assembled products. Many customers have been surprised to find just how easy it is to fully assemble our sliding screen door replacements. Once your screen door arrives, all of the parts will be ready for building. The end result is exactly the same as the fully assembled door, so you won’t be missing out on anything.

These sliding patio screen doors have been used in a variety of ways. These mainly include screened-in gazebos, pool areas, and patios, but have also served as double doors to keep insects out and pets in. If your screen door order includes our solar screen material, we can build you a matching solar screen for the fixed side that mounts on the outside of the door tracks. If you’re interested in this, please let us know.

Each door ships with an included roller tool. Please call us if you need more information on bulk pricing and shipping. If you have other questions about our sliding patio screen doors, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sliding screen door cost?

Our sliding screen doors have two starting prices; $199.95 for fully assembled screen doors, and $145.95 for easy-to-assemble screen door kits. Both models can be further customized at an additional cost. The default screen type is our Fiberglass Insect Screen, but you can choose from our No-See-Um 20x20 Tiny Insect screen (+ $25), Nano 50 17x14 screen (+ $31), Pet Resistant Textilene 80% screen (+ $31), or our Textilene 90% Solar Screen (+ $37). The screen width in inches can also be altered, from 21 to 36 inches, with every inch past 30 being an additional $10.

What is the best sliding screen door?

The best sliding screen door is going to be different for every space. For many customers, our default Fiberglass Insect Screen will provide all the protection they need. For environments with many bugs, especially smaller creatures like ticks, investing in the No-See-Um screen will help protect you and your loved ones from unwanted bites. Homes with pets will want our Pet Resistant screens to ensure their sliding screen door can withstand the scratching you can expect from cats and dogs who are curious about the outdoors. If you are looking to install a screen door in an area with a lot of sunlight, a Solar Screen can help protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays.

Are sliding screen doors standard size?

Although there is no standard size for sliding screen doors, we offer a variety of heights and widths to fit nearly any size. The spring-loaded wheels we include with our sliding screen doors can be adapted to fit your door tracks. Be sure to measure your space and check our selection of heights and widths to find the perfect fit for your door.

How do you replace a sliding patio screen door?

To replace your sliding patio screen door, first, measure the dimensions of your door. Next, you will want to assess your door tracks and ensure they are still in working order. Once you have this information, find the replacement sliding patio screen door you want for your space. If you have selected a fully assembled screen door, align the wheels with the door tracks to ensure your screen door opens and closes easily. For our screen door kits, assemble the screen door and then install it into your space.