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Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

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The Do-It-Yourselfer's perfect kit is here! When it comes to savings and time, you know exactly how to do both by doing it yourself. The most affordable option with the same exceptional quality you've come to know and love from us is all right here wrapped up in a single easy to use kit that will make installation an enjoyable, easy project.

Our sliding patio screen door kit has been specifically created to be an easy to assemble, budget-friendly replacement option for upgrading old sliding screen doors. Our customers can further customize their kits by ordering non-standard and larger sized kits too! We are committed and dedicated to offering solutions for all your screens and screen door needs, no matter the size or shape!

If you are looking for the ultimate sliding patio screen door kits, then look no further. Sturdier and higher quality than the often frail doors found at hardware stores, our kits were made to last. Our classic screen door adjusts simply with spring-loaded wheels that can be adapted to fit your door. If you order a sliding screen patio door with our patented solar screen material, we can also build a flawless matching solar screen for the fixed side that mounts easily outside of the door tracks.

This exceptionally made classic sliding patio screen door kit's frame is pre-cut to flawlessly fit with rollers installed for an uncomplicated assembly. An extruded aluminum frame made with a premium design is more durable, longer-lasting and hardier than a typical patio screen door as well.

We've used only the top-notch enamel finish to offer our clients many color choices that will remain timelessly beautiful and last through rain, snow or sunshine. Our gorgeous screen door's frame is ½ inch thick to fit any standard door track and the classic includes a tough, UV resistant handle with lock, 1 ¼ inch spring-loaded adjustable steel wheels with bushings and nylon corners.

For nearly 15 years we have been serving our customers expertly made screens and screen door solutions with dedication and passion, so we're proud to offer choices such as: fiberglass insect screen, Nano 50, solar screen, pet resistant screening or tiny insect mesh screen. Our usual shade for our premium screens is charcoal, but upon request can be changed.

Whether you DIY or decide to purchase our fully assembled screen door, you'll be getting a sliding patio screen door that will be a pleasure to use for a long time.

The Classic Sliding Screen Door is also available fully assembled screen door .

Order and Buy a Classic Sliding Screen Door today!

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richard dumont
May 9, 2023
first thing ,it was delivered to my front and no damage ,great . i see they stared taking a picture of deliver's made, only one problem i pic i saw was not my delivery??. now moving on to open the package and check to all parts and make sure the right size. well everything was just perfect . now that's i call made in the USA not china ect...

Advantages: easy instructions
easy put together
made with good material
wrapped up very tightly and the box it was shipped in was packed to ,so no movement

Disadvantages: i only have one and not to be picky but if could use the same shipping stuff to wrap the item in before you use plastic wrap would be great. it took me awhile to unwrap and cut the wrap without damaging the item
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Sandra Crowe
Jan 30, 2022
This customer purchased the item at our site.
We searched for a replacement for the sliding screen door for our Aqua-lodge houseboat. Found this company. My husband was skeptical about the order but when it arrived and we proceeded to put the sliding screen door together, he was amazed. The directions were perfect. The ease of the process was great. We had our screen door put together in less than an hour. AND the size was a perfect fit. It was less expensive a finished screen from another company

Advantages: Strong materials & product, Ease of assembly, Screening was fine enough to keep out most pests..

Disadvantages: none.
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Jul 14, 2021
Patio screen door is great. Went together quickly and works great with one caveat. The bug seal does not work with my 15 year old vinyl sliding door which I believe is an MW slider. Even cutting the seal down did not work and caused so much drag that the screen wouldn't open and close. The track for the screen is barely wider than the screen door itself. Luckily it fits very close to the door so there really isn't a gap for bugs to come in anyway and I removed it completely. Slides effortlessly. My 90 lb puppy gets excited and runs through the door on occasion because she doesn't see the screen, busting it into pieces. I will certainly buy another when I need it again..

Advantages: Fits my door. None of the big box stores carried anything that would.

Disadvantages: Needs a more flexible softer bug seal to work on my door. The provided seal is very rugged and stiff. Wish I had yanked old one out of door before trashing. Haven't found another yet.
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Judi Hall
Jan 18, 2021
Large 8ft sliders needed a custom screen door. Easy to measure and self assemble once arrived. Price was great. very happy. I need 5 more screens and will be back!
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Bradley Jadrich
Dec 16, 2020
Assembly instructions were clear, pieces fit perfectly, and screen was easy to install with the supplied tool.
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luke fisher
Dec 15, 2020
Turned out well, easy to assemble and install, good quality for price.
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Michael Myers
Dec 6, 2020
Fantastic replacement for a destroyed patio sliding screen door.

Advantages: Ability to order the door to custom size specs. Upgradeable options for screen and door material is a plus. Price is fair compared to box stores.

Disadvantages: Had to make a few easy mods to get the door to operate similar to the original.
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Anthony Steed
Nov 30, 2020
Quality of screen and frame was great. The build process was straightforward and, while it required some effort, was easy to follow. Shipping method protected long pieces from bending. Would buy again!

Advantages: Stronger than OEM. I have an oversized door so no way to get one from local stores.

Disadvantages: Have to put it together (a bit intimidating if you have never re-screened anything before). Need a large flat area to screen the door.
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Gary Groshner
Nov 29, 2020
Door was of good quality and easy to assemble. Was delivered promptly and packed very well.

Advantages: Easy to put together

Disadvantages: Wish someone would have contacted me and told me with the height of my door (8 feet) that the higher quality door would have been wise. The cheaper door is not very solid at the 8 foot height. T
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Murali krishnan
Nov 22, 2020
Patio screen door came with proper instructions. Took me 20 minutes to assemble. Measurements were perfectly matched.
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