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Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

Classic Sliding Patio Screen Door - KIT

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The Do-It-Yourselfer's perfect kit is here! When it comes to savings and time, you know exactly how to do both by doing it yourself. The most affordable option with the same exceptional quality you've come to know and love from us is all right here wrapped up in a single easy to use kit that will make installation an enjoyable, easy project.

Our sliding patio screen door kit has been specifically created to be an easy to assemble, budget-friendly replacement option for upgrading old sliding screen doors. Our customers can further customize their kits by ordering non-standard and larger sized kits too! We are committed and dedicated to offering solutions for all your screens and screen door needs, no matter the size or shape!

If you are looking for the ultimate sliding patio screen door kits, then look no further. Sturdier and higher quality than the often frail doors found at hardware stores, our kits were made to last. Our classic screen door adjusts simply with spring-loaded wheels that can be adapted to fit your door. If you order a sliding screen patio door with our patented solar screen material, we can also build a flawless matching solar screen for the fixed side that mounts easily outside of the door tracks.

This exceptionally made classic sliding patio screen door kit's frame is pre-cut to flawlessly fit with rollers installed for an uncomplicated assembly. An extruded aluminum frame made with a premium design is more durable, longer-lasting and hardier than a typical patio screen door as well.

We've used only the top-notch enamel finish to offer our clients many color choices that will remain timelessly beautiful and last through rain, snow or sunshine. Our gorgeous screen door's frame is ½ inch thick to fit any standard door track and the classic includes a tough, UV resistant handle with lock, 1 ¼ inch spring-loaded adjustable steel wheels with bushings and nylon corners.

For nearly 15 years we have been serving our customers expertly made screens and screen door solutions with dedication and passion, so we're proud to offer choices such as: fiberglass insect screen, SuperScreen, solar screen, pet resistant screening or tiny insect mesh screen. Our usual shade for our premium screens is charcoal, but upon request can be changed.

Whether you DIY or decide to purchase our fully assembled screen door, you'll be getting a sliding patio screen door that will be a pleasure to use for a long time.

The Classic Sliding Screen Door is also available fully assembled screen door .

Order and Buy a Classic Sliding Screen Door today!

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Robert Barnes
Aug 18, 2020
Really a great product. Good quality material and easy assembly! The customer service is fantastic! I highly recommend them.

Advantages: Easy DIY kit, Great quality materials.
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Jeffrey Johnson
Aug 15, 2020
I received your custom made sliding screen door package about 2 wks. ago. I'm very happy and satisfied with your product.

Advantages: True to size,very strong and durable.
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Kit Lam
Aug 11, 2020
It fits my patio sliding door perfectly and very well built + sturdy unlike the competitors on the market.
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Heidi M
Aug 9, 2020
Sturdy and easy to build

Advantages: This screen door was easy to put together. The material is strong and I am very pleased. It looks great and cannot be walked through by my dog. I ordered the stronger mesh and a metal grate for the bottom half. Perfect fit!
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Charles Hunter
Aug 5, 2020
It took a few weeks to get my screen door kit but I understand why due to the COVID Virus issues. Once I received it I discovered that the screen material was not wide enough. I emailed Quality Screen and was called back within minutes. The proper screen was delivered to me within 3 days! The kit went together perfectly. I must add that the instructions could use some improvements (I would be glad to help). Overall I had a great experience with my purchase and the excellent customer service. I will definitely purchase from Quality Screen in the future and will recommend the company to my friends and neighbors.

Advantages: Quality
Customer Service

Disadvantages: Instructions
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Hannah Nadel
Aug 5, 2020
Good quality door, exact size ordered. Didn’t need the latch but if I did it would have been nice to have instructions.
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Edward Walter Pfeifer
Aug 5, 2020
We had trouble finding anyone who could make a screen door to fit my daughter's condo, (92.5 x 29.5). Quality Screen was able to do that for us. Door arrived in great shape, sturdy construction and easy to assemble. We were amazed at quality and ease of construction.

Advantages: High quality - sturdy construction
All parts including spline roller in box
Ease of construction - with 2 people working took a little over an hour to assemble
All in all a very positive result and experience
Door works like a charm - rolls very easily

Disadvantages: Very few - instructions on handle assembly a little vague
Must take your time and carefully cut screen excess after installation - we used my wife's rolling fabric cutter (used by sewers and quilters) - did an excellent job
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Kireena Boermeester
Jul 30, 2020
I am very satisfied with the products I ordered.
No problems.

Advantages: no comment

Disadvantages: no comment
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Ramon Lovio
Jul 23, 2020
Followed the instructions for measuring. Then once the product came in I installed it and it fit perfectly. Saved me a ton of money. Very pleased.

Advantages: Saves you money. With this covid-19 going on you can do it yourself and avoid having a possible infected person entering your home.

Disadvantages: If a person is not mechanically inclined a may be a challenge for them
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Mark Lee
Jul 22, 2020
Great product, easy assembly.
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