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Custom Pet Resistant Screens

Custom Pet Resistant Screens

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Pet Resistant Window Screens Custom Made to Fit Almost Any Style Window or Door.
     Single Hung Window Half-Screens      Horizontal Slider Window Screens      Single or Double Hung Full Window Screens

While pets are wonderful to have, they can sometimes be destructive to our homes. You may have encountered this firsthand with your window screens. As you arrive home, your pets may become so excited to see you that they claw through your screens. With our pet resistant window screens, you’ll never have to patch up or replace torn screen again.

The design of our pet resistant screen is what makes it so effective. The screens are made of PVC coated polyester yarn, which has over 400 lbs. of breaking strength. This means that your cats and dogs won’t be able to claw or push through the screen. The pet screen also has a 10-year factory warranty against ripping, fraying, and discoloration, so it’s a product you can trust. Use it in your home, around the porch or patio, and gazebos. With custom sized pet window screens, they’ll be made to perfectly fit your window opening. To order, simply select the right height, width, and frame size that you need. You’ll also choose which color best complements your home for the aluminum frames. We offer White, Tan, Champagne, Bronze, and Silver. They’re built with internal corners, please note screens made with 5/16x3/4 white frame will be made with solid external corners. The screen comes in a variety of color options as well—Black, Beige, Brown, Grey, Stucco, and Dark Bronze. If you need a crossbar, you can specify exactly where it should be. The type of hardware we include with your order can also be customized. If you have a preference, we offer tension springs, slide latches, leaf springs, and more. Once you receive your order, you can get to installation right away—no assembly required!

We’ve had many happy customers report that their pets were no match for the strength of this high-quality screen. If you plan to order more than three custom pet resistant screens, your order will qualify for a quantity discount, saving you even more money since no professional will be needed for installation. Please note that it is not safe to rely on these screens to prevent falls. If you have questions about our custom pet resistant window screens, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

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Joan Monton
Oct 4, 2020
I’m very happy with the replacement screens. They fit perfectly in or will
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Gregory Miller
Sep 18, 2020
I have only great things to say about our experience with Quality Window Screens. The ordering process was fairly simple, the pricing is a little high, but worth it for the custom fit of the screens, which by the way, was absolutely perfect.

Advantages: Screens seem tough enough to prevent scratches from normal pet pawing.
They look like they were produced with my windows, which they were not.

Disadvantages: Screens are a little dark, maybe preventing a little too much sun, but I am still not convinced that is really a disadvantage,
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Cara Velez
Aug 25, 2020
the online ordering process was great - they really walk you through how to do a accurate measurement. The screens arrived in good order and very well protected. They fit great! Always a gamble with older odd shaped windows.
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Walid S Bandar
Jul 24, 2020
Wonderful screens!!! Fit perfectly and the pet screen keeps my cat from ripping them up.
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Heather McAfee
Jul 20, 2020
Screen fits perfectly! It looks great too!
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Steve Skille
Jul 10, 2020
I just received my order over the weekend and with the custom measurements I provided from the previous screens into the online form, the new ones came out absolutely perfect. We have two cats; they shredded other screen material easily and pushed out past sets of screens. I had these new ones have springs added and they are not going anywhere (the old screens could be moved around relatively easily); very solid and not at all a flimsy-type feeling like most. Craftsmanship is fantastic. Instead of running expensive air conditioning, now can open the windows in cool shaded areas to lower the temperature of the house without worry the cats will get out, seriously going to save us a lot in cooling. I totally, 100% highly recommend without reservation. They were shipped thoughtfully in a reinforced crush resistant box with wrapping on the screens keeping them in perfect condition on arrival (I had two custom screens of the same size in my order). My cats have been clawing on both of them for a several hours now and not even a scratch on it; literally no affect! All the other screens would have easily torn apart by now already (and it is noticeable that their claws don't get stuck in them, either). If I could give it more stars I would, I had low expectations due to past screens, and I am not an easy one to impress, but these really are the real deal. Great customer service, responded to my inquiries very quickly. Thanks so much, 100% going to be a repeat costumer!

Advantages: A+ Craftsmanship
Cat's claws no match and don't get caught
Spring loaded so no pushing out either
Nice color frame
Sturdy materials
Very professional looking

Disadvantages: None
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Linda Degelsmith
Jun 27, 2020
The screen is perfect. The whole process from measuring to installing was extremely easy. Very happy with the result!
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Michael Lovria
Jun 16, 2020
The screen measured exactly as ordered.
It works perfectly.
Great quality
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Tiffany Johansing
May 30, 2020
I ordered custom sized pet resistant screens for two of my windows and I’m very pleased! They look great and we’re a perfect fit and easy to install. Arrived in solid packaging in perfect condition.
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James Souther
May 21, 2020
Great service on time delivery. They were delivered in a crush prof box

Advantages: Better price than the big box store

Disadvantages: None
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