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Retractable Utility Knife
Heavy-Duty Retractable Blade Utility Knife is a quality knife designed to better fit the hand wit...
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Utility Knife Blades
Heavy-Duty Utility Blades fit all standard, heavy-duty, and retractable blade utility knives. Thi...
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If you’re installing your own screens, you’ll need a variety of tools to get the job done right. Among spline rollers, frame notching jigs, and other equipment, you’ll have a quality utility knife to help cut screen for a tight fit. We offer a retractable utility knife that will make screening projects much easier. Whether you own a screening business or you’ve taken on the task of screening your home, you need this knife in your tool kit.

Our utility knives are built to last a lifetime. The handle of these is designed to naturally fit your hand with vertically recessed ribs, making it much more comfortable to hold. It comes in a bright orange so it stands out for easy visibility. You can choose one of three cutting positions and put the blade away with the zinc retractor. A safety nose with both top and bottom overlap offers additional security so the blade doesn’t slip out and cut you. Each of these comes with three heavy duty steel blades, which are easily replaceable.

If you take on screening projects as needed, then you may not need replacement utility blades. However, if you own a screening business where blades tend to wear out with consistent use, you may need more than just three blades. We offer heavy duty utility knife blades in two different options. If you run a small operation, the 10 blade pack may be ideal for your needs. Should your business be more large scale, we have a bulk pack dispenser of 100 utility blades so your employees will always have sharp knives to work with. This pack is a quality investment that will last your team a long time. These knife blades fit our retractable utility knife as well as all standard utility knives.

The best thing about purchasing our utility knife and blades are the endless possibilities for use. With the knife and replacement blades, you’ll be able to handle any other project requiring a sharp blade to open, trim, separate, and more. You may never need to buy another knife! Outfit yourself or your team with our quality utility knives and dispose of old ones.

If you have other questions about our utility knives and blades, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.