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Screening Jig Sets


Screen Jig Clips Aluminum
Package of Four Clips. Should you need additional or replacement jig clips for your Screen Ta...
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Screen Table Jig Set Aluminum
Allows the Screen Frame to be Held Firmly and Squarely in Place While Installing Screen Wire. I...
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If you plan to assemble the window screens for your home yourself or you install them for your screening business, you could likely benefit from having something to hold your screen frames in place. Luckily, that exists in our screen jig sets! These useful sets will make your production time much more streamlined and faster by gripping onto the metal screen frames. After using these, you won’t know how you managed without them!

The screening jig works by attaching to your shop table, which is very easily done. Made in durable aluminum, the set includes five extruded bars and 12 jig clips for ¾” screen frames. Screen jig sets make window screen assembly so easy, as they firmly hold the screen frame in place as you roll in the screen wire and retainer spline. No more slipping or needing another person holding the frame in place to hinder your production time. Instead, you’ll be faster than ever! The grip on the frame allows for rapid movement, which is perfect for those who have done this before. Plus, these make assembly much more manageable for novices and first-time window screen assemblers. It’ll allow you to take your time and make sure it’s installed perfectly. If you need new screen jig clips should you happen to need replacement, we offer these in packs of four. These are very easy to replace and come at a quantity discount when you buy three or more packs. Please note that you’ll need a minimum of 12 jig clips to properly hold the frame in place. If you plan to use your set on an everyday basis, keep a few packs on standby to ward off a delay in production if one of your clips is damaged.

Screening jigs are a must-have for anyone working with window screens. Add screening jig sets to your personal shop or business to bolster your screen assembly projects. Once you’ve started using these sets, you’ll never go back! If you have questions about our screen jig sets, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.