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Interior Roller Shades

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As the sun rises during the day, the heat and sunlight may directly hit rooms in your home, making them uncomfortable to be in. Because of this, you’re running the air conditioner nonstop, hiking up your energy bill. With interior solar shades, you can cut the cost of your energy bill and cool those overheated rooms. We offer several different styles of shades that will decrease the glare and temperature in the room. As rollup shades, they look great with your home décor!

The Custom Sheerweave 2000 Series Shades are a great option for rooms that need only a touch of sunlight. These interior roller shades only allow for 5% of sunlight to enter the room, which minimizes glare and temperature. The shades are made of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns, so they’re very high-quality. Customize your shade size, color, and more.

If you’d like a more elegant fabric selection, the Sheerweave 5000 Series Contemporary Shades are offered in beautiful patterns. These intertwine lustrous polyester and vinyl polyester together to create these unique color options. The 5000 Series interior roller shades have openness factors varying from 3 to 10% depending on your color choice. Choose from color schemes like Seaglass and Copper, Filigree and Polished Silver, and Digital Lines and Pearly Black.

Need more natural shades in colors like linen or bamboo? The Sheerweave 5000 Series Natural Shades offer a relaxing, serene feel to any room, so they’re great in both homes and businesses. They offer the same 3 to 10% openness as the Sheerweave 5000 Series Contemporary Shades. You can choose from over 10 beautiful shade color options.

If you have rooms that would greatly benefit from blackout shades, we offer two different types. The Sheerweave 7000 Series Blackout Shades offer total sunlight blockage, so they’re ideal for daytime sleepers and rooms that are hit heavily by the sun. We offer these interior solar shades in White, Birch, Sand, Wheat, Mushroom, Graphite, Onyx, and Canyon. The Sheerweave 7100 Series Blackout Shades have a different feel, as they’re laminated instead of just cloth. Use these to protect your furniture and décor from UV damage in family rooms or home theaters. The effectiveness of the blackout shades will make a difference on your next energy bill!

If you have questions about our interior rollup solar shades, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.