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Crossbar Frame 3/8"x5/8" (.025 ga.) - Box 120

Crossbar Frame 3/8"x5/8" (.025 ga.) - Box 120

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Occasionally, you may find yourself with a larger than usual area that you would like to have screened. Spacious screens may need the extra support to ensure ripple, wrinkle, and bow-free beautiful screens that add to a home's façade whether being newly built, refinished or repaired.

Whether you are a professional contractor, a do-it-yourself home handyman, a small business or corporation—you know that you need the perfect supplier that can provide you with guaranteed high-caliber products that fall within your budget needs as well be on par with safety standards while being durable. That's where we come in. Quality Screen Company has been the one-stop-shop for every supply you will need for your windows and screens.

For those large screen projects, our 3/8x5/8 inch crossbar frame adds the extra support that these screens will need. No more unsightly wrinkles or ripples, attaching a spreader bar such as this grants the extra strength needed for an attractive solution, plus the 3/8x5/8 inch crossbar frame can easily be paired with clips that secure in a spline channel.

Roll-form aluminum is the wonderful lightweight, economical and vasty durable material for screen frames on the market today. With 15 years of specialized experience in the field of window screens, contractors and homeowners will love the rust-free, polished look of our 3/8x5/8 inch crossbar frames. As it comes in a variety of colors, they're perfect for replacements or additions to larger screens to match already existing frames as well.

  • Featuring a full box of 120 pieces 13' long with crimped ends.
  • Made of the highest quality .025 millimeter thick, roll-formed aluminum, and not cambered
  • 3/8 x 5/8 inch spreader bar typically installed in the mid-range of full-sized screens for ultimate strength
  • Use crossbar clips to attach to a frame

Affordability and high-grade materials we use are like no other in the industry today, we have everything you need to create the perfect window screens. Have questions or comments? Our experts in window treatments are happy to assist and hear from you, contact us today!

Use Crossbar Clips for attaching to frame.

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