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Self Tapping Metal Screws

Self Tapping Metal Screws

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These window-screen self-tapping metal screws come with a sharp piercing tip designed for drilling a hole while being turned, instead of a separate hole having to be drilled and the screw after. These were specifically engineered for aluminum window frames to make installments a breeze.

These screws are 1 inch in length in total, with a drilling portion of 3/16 and threads of 13/16 of that inch.

Self-tapping metal screws reduce the time and the workload when installing and securing window screens by completely removing the step of having to drill a hole before each screw is used. These screws can be placed with either a hand-held or electric screwdriver.

Please note: these have been specifically designed to work well in aluminum window screens and thus will not work in wood.

  • To attach 3/8 or 7/16 casement, turn clips to the aluminum window frame.
  • Screw directly through 3/8 or 7/16 thick screen frame into the aluminum window frame.
  • Drill portion (thread) reduced the length of threads.
  • Click on the picture to see more details if needed.

Our self-tapping metal screws come in a variety of industry-leading exterior design colors to blend in with almost any home's window or screen frames. Choose from white, bronze, champagne, tan, or silver. Choose a quantity from 1 up to 99 bags with either 25, 100, or 500 window screen self-tapping metal screws in each bag. Each bag contains three different sizes, covering all your needs whether it's DIY at home or professional contracting work.

Satisfying our customer's needs for over 15 years with our highly specialized expertise, it is our pleasure to provide unique solutions to window treatments from the screen to the frame and beyond. Listening to our customers and providing professional, reliable customer service as well as meeting customer's needs has been our number one goal since 2005.

If you have questions about our self-tapping metal screws, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

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Jul 28, 2019
These work as you'd expect!

Advantages: Ours were white and matched the screen color.

Disadvantages: IF you run out....then you can find these at your local home improvement store. Be mindful that you may have to spray paint them white, as we did. There were plenty of screws, we just wanted to make sure our screens were well secured.
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