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Ram Horn Clips

Ram Horn Clips

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Half screen windows and window screens are a beautiful addition to both new and older homes. Half screens only cover half the window, meaning that should you wish more natural light in a room without a screen impeding it, you have that. Half screen windows generally slide up, leaving the bottom open and the top sealed always.

Half screens are wonderful options for double-hung windows and even screen doors but attaching a screen to a half window can sometimes be a unique challenge. Some homes use a small metal piece, called ram horn clips for aluminum screens in half windows to attach the screen itself. Occasionally these ram horn clips need replacing, or the screen, as well as the ram horn clips, need to be updated and replaced.

If you've been frustrated by attempting to replace your old worn out clips, you've come to the right place. Our heavy-duty, premium ram horn clips will hold half screens to your windows securely and in place with ease. Don't have a slot on the window screen? No problem! We also carry the right Notching Jig Tool to make the perfect slot in your window screen to insert the ram horn slips properly into.

Measuring 1 5/8 wide, these ram horn clips can be ordered in various quantities to help both homeowners and professional contractors at 25, 100, or 500.

This ram horn clip will have your window screens back to fitting properly, keeping bugs, dust, and dirt where it belongs: outside the screen and not inside your home. When it comes to everything window screens, from the frame, to screen to parts and replacement, whether you're a DIYer or contractor, we'll no doubt become your new number 1 source for all that you need.

For any questions about these ram horn clips for aluminum screens, email us anytime or call us at 972-438-9100 and speak to our courteous customer service for all your needs. It would be our pleasure to help you.

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Lois LeBlanc
Mar 31, 2017
We need these clips for a house just purchased. Our search brought us to the Quality Screen site. A quick and efficient transaction to put them on our screens. Thanks!

Advantages: Exactly what we needed.
Efficient service.

Disadvantages: Rather expensive!
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Tiebin Hong
Dec 19, 2016
It is a professional device. Good service, Also.
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Michael Ashmead
Nov 14, 2016
Exact replacement for rusted out clips. Great price and fast delivery.

Disadvantages: None
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Steven Ashton
Jun 1, 2016
I had look for a while for these locally then i found them here
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Erin Need
Jan 19, 2015
I've been missing these clips on my window screens for years! The Ram Horn Clips fit perfectly!! Thank you for all your help in finding them!
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Michelle Bowen
Apr 21, 2014
Worked great. Good price.
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