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EZ Brick Grips

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Have you had trouble measuring solar screens for installation? Without the right equipment, this can be a frustrating process, especially for beginners. However, we've created the solution requiring no tools or hardware for installation! The EZ brick grips for measuring solar screens make the process so easy that amateurs and professionals alike will love how simple and fast it is! For both installation and removal, no tools are required.

With the EZ brick grips, you can finally make solar screen installation a painless process. These are designed for 5/16" thick screen frame, and you'll need four to six grips per screen depending on its size. To install, simply slide the EZ Brick Grip into place at the screen corners or crossbar, then push your solar screen into place against the window. That's it! No drilling or screws are required, so they're perfect for beginner screeners. You may choose White, Bronze, Tan, or Champagne finishes to complement the color of your window openings and home. These grips are offered in quantities of 25, 100, and 500. Since you'll need between four and six grips per screen, estimate the amount you'll need for your home, business, or other location before placing your order. Those installing solar screen in their home should only need the lower 25 option, although homes with many windows may need the quantity of 100. For professional screeners, the 500 grip option will allow you to replenish stock or add them on to your solar screen installation process. Plus, with the four color finishes, you can use them on a wide range of installation projects. For an in-depth installation explanation, see our EZ brick grips for measuring solar screens guide. This is a step by step guide that ensures you get the perfect fit.

If measuring and installing solar screens have been burdensome and time-consuming in the past, you can quickly address that with our EZ brick grips. If you have other questions about these EZ brick grips for measuring solar screens, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information. We're here to help!

Screen Frame 5/16"x3/4" (.020 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Crossbar Frame 5/16"x5/8" (.025 ga.) - Cut Sizes
Crossbar Clips
Screen Corners Solid External
Screen Corners Internal Aluminum
Richard White
Jan 25, 2021
I ordered 5 custom fiberglass screens. They arrived 1 week sooner than promised, perfectly packed in a sturdy wooden frame, and fit perfectly. Excellent customer service and product.

Advantages: Easy order, perfect fit, packed well, and arrived early.

Disadvantages: None.
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Roger Lasater
Oct 23, 2020
Have tried lots of ways to get my screens to stay on. These clips were the only things that worked. Delivered quickly too.
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Joseph Ybarra
Aug 1, 2018
Great product w/ good options on colors...easy to use!
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Keith K
Dec 18, 2016
I was hopeful when ordering them, and my hopes were achieved. I had new windows put in and my solar screens were not fitting the same. These allowed me to keep the screens and keep them in place without having to screw into brick.

Advantages: Keep the screen in place nicely.

Disadvantages: Do add a bit of white visible sticking out from the screen. In reality, it isn't a big deal unless you are looking for it.
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John Michaels
Jul 16, 2016
The EZ Brick Grips made installation of the screens pleasant as a summer breeze!

Advantages: This design accommodates variation in openings that naturally occur with brick facades.

Disadvantages: There is variation piece to piece which required spacers (tape) to make the clips firmly fasten to the screen frame prior to installing the screens.
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Chauntel LOGSDON
May 24, 2016
The EZ Brick Grips were super easy to use. I've never installed solar screens before and these made my job so simple. They work great. My screens have been up for a few weeks now with out any issues.

Advantages: So simple even a stay at home mom was able to figure them out on her own:)

Disadvantages: I'm not sure there were any disadvantages.
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Alan Proctor
Feb 8, 2016
Quality Screen had the parts I needed and shipped me color samples promptly. I then ordered a bag of clips and they arrived promptly. Good seller!
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Dana Jacobson
Oct 22, 2007
Just a followup - the screens were perfect, the clips worked well. Thanks! We can already tell a difference in the coolness of our "hot side" of the house. Well worth the price and your service was excellent. Thanks!
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