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Window Screen Kit - Fiberglass Screen
Standard Fiberglass Insect Screen. All The Parts Needed to Make One Window Screen Easy fabr...
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Do It Yourself and Save on Shipping Cost of assembled window screens. Here you wil find Fiberglass Insect Screen Kits, Solar Insect Screen Kits, No-See-Um Tiny Insect Screen, Pet Screen Kits and Super Screen KIts. All of the kits include the parts needed to make a complete window screen. Included is standard 5/16 thick x 3/4 (.020 ga.) screen frame for the 4 outside pieces in your choice of color, choice of screen fabric colors, external corners, spline, slide-in leaf springs and lift tabs and a spline roller tool in each order. Add-on Options include crossbar and clips (reccomended for screen kits over 3 ft.x 3 ft). There is a Minimum Order of 3 total kits required.