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Custom Sheerweave 7000 Series Blackout Shades

Custom Sheerweave 7000 Series Blackout Shades

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Many of us when we consider blackout shades or curtains tend to instantly think of a dark, cool room. Keeping the sunlight completely out of a room when pulled is an aspect blackout shades have, but there's more to them than meets the eye.

Did you know that our Sheerweave 7000 series blackout shades can help make a space quieter? With thicker layers and a protective coating, the dense material near a window helps muffle some of the sounds that generally travel through the glass. Sheerweave 7000 series blackout shades also retain and keep out heat at the same time; during summer or if you live in hotter climates, the air conditioner may always be running on hot days. Our Sheerweave blackout shades keep the heat of the day out of the room and lower temperatures by blocking out the sun.

Blackout curtains are also the perfect choice for those who rest well and sleep better in complete darkness. Most of us can't rest well if sunlight or too many lights are shining into a room. Sheerweave 7000 series blackout shades will block light sources from coming into a room while giving you the maximum amount of privacy. Blackout shades are also excellent in keeping out prying eyes due to their thick material and backing.

These blackout shades come in a variety of interior decorator approved colors, not just the typical black. These shades were specifically chosen to allow the Sheerweave 7000 series blackout shades to complement and blend seamlessly with any room's décor.

Uniquely designed to make installation as easy as possible, once installed it only takes a gentle pull to roll these shades across a too-bright window, or a busy illuminated night in the city to enjoy the restfulness of a cool, dark room.

We've spent over 15 years dedicated to the delivery of affordable, high caliber window screens and shades to customers nationwide. Catering to businesses, offices, and homes all over the world, our mission is to provide you with the best.

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Width is Measured to Outside Edges of Mounting Brackets.
Fabric is 1 1/4" Narrower Than Bracket Width.

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