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Wool Pile Weather Stripping - Self Adhesive

Wool Pile Weather Stripping - Self Adhesive

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Weatherstripping in the home is an excellent means to seal any air leaks around moving components, such as older screen frames and windows that don't always have a perfect seal for various reasons.

While stationery items can be sealed with caulk, a window and frame that you want to open in good weather obviously can't be sealed this way. This is where wool pile weather stripping shines. Not just for those hard to seal windows, this self-adhesive wool pile weather stripping is an additional layer of insulation great for all seasons. Block the cold from seeping in through a window and keep your air-conditioned cool air inside during the summer.

Wool is the best for window sealing as it is extremely flexible and extremely durable material compared to felt. While felt wears out fast and, cannot and should not be used where it can be exposed to moisture, our wool pile weather stripping can withstand both for a very long time. In addition to being so durable, as it is self-adhesive, we've removed the struggle of having to staple, glue or tack the wool pile weatherstripping into place. It's as easy as a measure, cut, peel the backing, and stick the self-adhesive wool pile weather stripping into place.

Incredibly versatile, it can also be used for not just windows but doors as well, with a tough bonding adhesive that keeps it firmly secure.

For the fixer-upper around the house or an experienced professional contractor and window treatment expert, we'll be your number one choice for the top-quality wool pile weather stripping and so much more. With 15 years of expertise behind us, we've put our knowledge, care, and meticulous attention to offering only the industry finest. For any questions or concerns, you have about our self-adhesive wool pile weather stripping, email, or call us via 972-438-9100.

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John Gerrish
Oct 17, 2015
This product is working great so far, I bought this house a year ago and last winter none of the windows had the proper w/strips on them ( it looked like they had been removed ) and they are good double pane windows, Your w/strip has stopped the breezes thanks.

Advantages: Easy to install !
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tom hughes
May 2, 2015
Excellent product - properly described.
Excellent company

Advantages: Self adhesive stripping is easy to install - perfect for screen repair
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robert mcalister
Jul 20, 2014
The product was just as described, came in a timely manner and was easy to install.
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Joseph DePrima
Apr 18, 2014
The weather stripping was accurately described, the order was delivered fast and nicely packed
Applying the weather strip was fast and easy .
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