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Custom Aluminum Patio & Porch Screen Panels
If your patio or porch area is constantly bombarded with problem insects, don't settle for an in...
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Custom Fiberglass Patio & Porch Screen Panels
For a screen that's great on your wallet and for high traffic areas, fiberglass mesh is the go-t...
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Are you looking for replacement screen panels for your patio or porch area? In aluminum and fiberglass options, our patio screen panels are built with a heavy duty aluminum frame that’s more durable than other standard window screens. You can customize your order by choosing the right height, width, frame size, frame color, wire color, and hardware type for your specific needs. By choosing which type of hardware you need, you can pick the best option for your particular space to make installation a snap. The choice between aluminum and fiberglass patio panels will be based on what you need the screens for.

Aluminum patio panels are ideal for areas that have insect problems. Grasshoppers and other similar insects will eat through fiberglass mesh, which they can’t do with aluminum. Choose from white, bronze, silver, tan, or champagne for the frame finish. The aluminum wire can be charcoal, black, or silver to match your space. If left undisturbed, your aluminum screens can last about 30 years. Note that these screens are not for use in high-traffic areas or where pets and young children will push on them. As a fragile metal, the aluminum wires are brittle and will easily dent and break if pushed in. If you need screens for these types of environments, choose fiberglass.

Fiberglass is an excellent choice when you need a screen material with high durability. It functions great with jumping pets and young children who may push or lean on the screen. It’ll spring back into shape unlike aluminum screens, which easily dent and tear. They’re also the least expensive of our insect screens! You can choose from the standard fiberglass mesh, or the following: Patio & Pool, No-See-Um, Ultravue, and Nano 50. The frame finishes for these options are white, tan, champagne, silver, and bronze. Fiberglass porch screen panels will keep out standard insects like spiders, grasshoppers, and mosquitos, but this material often falls prey to grasshoppers. If you find that insects are eating away at your screens, it may be wise to switch to aluminum. Fiberglass also lasts around 10 to 12 years on average before needing to be replaced.

Which panel type is right for your screening project? You may need fiberglass and aluminum for different areas of your home or if you own a screening business. Whatever the case may be, these screen panels are quality options. See our installation guides for helpful tips on how to easily install your porch screen panels. If you have other questions about our patio screen panels, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.