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Custom Sheerweave 5000 Series Natural Shades

Custom Sheerweave 5000 Series Natural Shades

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Our Sheerweave 5000 series in natural shades is one of our utmost favorite series of shades. The variety of color choice for cool or warm neutrals with soft and rich earth tones are a soothing addition to a home or office décor. These fabrics combined with textured yarns will suit as well as match any personal or business space.

Installation of the Sheerweave 5000 series is extremely easy and simple to set up. When it's time to bring a little cooling shade into the room, these natural roller shades can be simply pulled down.

Manage sunlight during the brightest times of the day, protecting eyesight as well as protecting against the harmful damage UV rays can inflict on interior fabrics. These gorgeous shades can help prevent fabric fading and the glare of the sun while providing a beautiful, calming ambiance to any room.

The Sheerweave 5000 series of natural shades were completely inspired by the colors as well as patterns we find in nature. A diverse and varied range of classic options, weaves, patterns, and calming tones are available to find the right fit for your space. 16 different fabrics that are durable, long-lasting and exquisite quality woven with multiple textures result in over 24 unique shade construction, materials, and options. Plus, we guarantee that the qualities found in Phifer Sheerweave fabrics meet our exacting standards of premium make, rugged durability, and all at a budget-friendly price.

At Quality Window Screen, our mission has always been to meet the needs of all clientele, helping to cool homes or businesses, reducing energy bills and creating comforting, appealing spaces. We offer top-notch solutions for living more comfortably, nationwide.

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Width is Measured to Outside Edges of Mounting Brackets.
Fabric is 1 1/4" Narrower Than Bracket Width.
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