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Extreme Sun Impact on Window Screens

Extreme sunlight can have debilitating effects on many things, including your body - which is something we all know about and take precautions for. The damaging effect of extreme sun and window screens is no different. UV rays take their toll over time and can make the materials that your window screens consist of brittle and breakable. Direct sunlight will slowly break down the structural integrity of your window screens, causing them to be replaced.

On the bright side of sun damage, your screens are taking some of this UV damage for you. Solar screens provide more protection than others, but most window screens will absorb the impact of UV rays so that they aren't getting to you in your home. This is good to know when you're sitting by your breezy open window in the summertime!
Another problem that presents itself when extreme sunlight and window screens come together is warping. A warped window screen can cease to fit your window frame, allowing bugs and debris to make their way into your home. It can also let in some of those UV rays that it was working so hard to protect you.
There are ways to stop extreme sunlight from ruining your window screens. These include providing shade to the areas of your property that experience direct, intense sunlight. Providing a shady tree or an awning for that side of your building will help keep the impact away from the area. This isn't always possible and can potentially be expensive, so there are other considerations that can be taken into account to make your sunny-side window screens last longer.
It's recommended to go with solar screens for the windows that are likely to face this issue. These window screens are more durable against heavy UV rays and are better for your health when sitting by them. These screens are designed to handle this intense impact better than standard window screens, so they will have a longer lifespan and be more effective where you need them to be.

And not only you - but your furniture too! Wood discoloration, breakdown, and fading can affect your assets such as furniture, artwork, and even fabrics like curtains and carpets. When your window screen is working to stop sun damage from affecting these elements of your home, their value becomes all the more apparent. We don't typically think about extreme sun and window screens in relation to the things that beautify the interior of our home, but they're taking damage to keep what you love in its best condition!

So, extreme sunlight can impact your window screens in a few negative ways that can result in permanent damage. They weaken your screens' structural integrity and functionality over time, eventually leading to the need to replace them. Measures that can be taken to mitigate this damage involve providing shade for the sunniest sides of your property, but when this isn't feasible, it's best to invest in a solar screen. Quality Window Screen offers Custom Solar Screens that can take 80-90% of UV ray impact to protect you and your assets, ultimately making your environment a cooler and safer place! Check out our selection today for a longer-lasting and more effective screen that will benefit the sunnier sides of the place you love.