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Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll

Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll

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Combine heat and glare reduction for the hottest rooms in your home with the Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll. This high-quality screen will help cool your home while also providing additional UV protection. Whether you're rescreening your current frames or screening your home for the first time, this solar screen is an excellent option that can effectively lower your energy bill.

The Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll is perfect for virtually any indoor use. It's made of extremely strong and durable PVC coated polyester yarns, so it won't easily rip or tear like aluminum. While some screens tend to get in the way of the viewing area, this option won't! The uniform weave design offers excellent outward visibility and good ventilation. The Textilene® 80 will shade 80% of sunlight in the room, also cutting down on the glare and heat. This is excellent for rooms that receive the evening sun and are just too hot to enjoy midday. As heat enters through the windows, you are likely running your air conditioning all day to keep the house comfortable. By installing this window screen, you can dramatically reduce your cooling efforts, which will be noticeable on your next energy bill. In roll sizes from 36" x 100' to 96" x 100', you can easily screen your entire home to reap the benefits of a cooler, more comfortable space. Plus, it's pet resistant, so even your cats and dogs won't be able to claw through the material. Use the Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll on windows throughout the house as well as the screen door and gazebo. This fabric comes in Black/Brown, Black, Brown, Desert Sand, and Beige to best match your home's color scheme.

When you're unsure of which type of window screen to use in your home, the Textilene® 80 is an option that you can't go wrong with. However, it may not be the very best choice for rooms that require more light. If you have other questions about our inventory of Textilene® 80 Solar Screen Fabric Roll, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.

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Ian T Rowan
May 27, 2019
Just installed screen, so far I'm very impressed.
There is a remarkable difference between the existing screen and the 80 solar.
We replaced the top two sections and left the lower section with the original screening.
You can notice the temperature difference between the two areas.

Advantages: Cuts down Trump allowed through screen and also church down glare from setting sun.

Disadvantages: None so far
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Jack Roevens
Sep 11, 2018
Very happy with your product.
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lisa scalise
Aug 31, 2018
I purchased a 48" 100 foot roll of the textile 80 solar screen fabric. I cut the fabric into 8 and 1/2 foot lengths a by 21 1/2 " width. Using UV resistant thread I sewed cable sleeves on each end. 1/4" poly coated steel cable was run thru the sleeves and each 8' length was suspended between the rafters of the Pergola. The area provides a comfortable shady outdoor space . The filtered light allows for grasses to thrive and flowering plants grow very well. We are so very pleased with the Textilene 80 I highly recommend this product.
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Jul 8, 2018
I purchased a 100' roll of 80 solar screen to replace the standard screens in our sun room. The screens are 60" long and 46" wide and must be hung vertically. The roll came very well packaged without any damage during transit. The screening has provided us with reduced heat and glare in the room and good visibility overlooking the pool. A must with grandchildren.

Advantages: Good quality fabric that suited our needs to a tee.

Disadvantages: This is my first purchase of a large roll of screen and did not realize there would be a splice. However, it was not a problem to work around.
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Stephanie Baker
May 15, 2018
Quality window screens is amazing. I have never had any issues with the materials, or tools all of which are professional grade. Some times some issues with the freight. Quality screens always goes above the call to make sure the carrier does their job. Or in any other customer service area.

Advantages: Cost worthy! Easy to navigate website
Sales team is quick and informative

Disadvantages: none yet over the several years I have been ordering from these guys!
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Nestor Natividad
Aug 29, 2017
very good quality

Advantages: Reducing heat from outside

Disadvantages: none that I think of
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Cena Johnson
Aug 23, 2017
We have received our roll window screen and absolutely love it. We can already feel the difference of having cooler temperatures in our house.

Advantages: Our great room is cooler now.

Disadvantages: Not doing it sooner
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Stephen McAdams
May 17, 2017
Order was fulfilled just as advertised and I am very happy with the product!

Advantages: Great service!

Disadvantages: Could be a little more competitive on price!
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Leo Sirois
Oct 5, 2016
Seem to be very good product,but will know more next spring when I install it. The delivery went very well!!
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Mike M
Aug 14, 2016
I re-screened all of my sunscreens (17) with Textilene 80. I wanted to match sliding door sunscreens made by a sunscreen company and this turned out to be the exact same material. It's a nice brown color that blends well and doesn't stand out. From the outside it looks very much like the window glass itself. It also provides for much better outward visibility than the old tan material I had.

It's very convenient that Quality Screen sells it both by the roll and the lineal foot. 3' material worked for most of my screens so I bought a roll of that, but I needed 4' for a couple of screens so was able to purchase just the necessary footage for that.

Advantages: Good quality. Convenient quantities available.

Disadvantages: None
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