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Should I Repair or Replace My Damaged Window Screen?

Window screens play an important role in your comfort at home. Quality window screens provide refreshing airflow throughout the home in the spring and summer and keep pesky bugs out. However, maintaining them can easily be forgotten as a good screen becomes virtually invisible.
When it comes to damaged window screens, how can you be sure whether it’s better to repair the damage or toss the whole thing out? It all comes down to the amount of damage.

Repairing A Damaged Window Screen
For small holes and minimal damage, it’s typically best to repair a damaged window screen rather than replace it. There are several great patch kits on the market. For small tears in an otherwise quality screen, simply patch the tear or hole according to the instructions on your patch kit, and you’ll be good to go all summer long.

Other times, you may have a larger hole that can still be salvaged with a screen patch. In a case like that, cut the screen hole into a neat square. Then, bend the edges of the hole so the cut ends will penetrate the patch. Cut a patch from a screening mesh that is roughly a ½ inch bigger than the hole on each side. Affix the patch over the hole, and then secure with waterproof glue.

When It’s Time To Replace Your Window Screen
On the other hand, replacement is your best option for screens with large holes, tears, or other types of significant damage. Once you’ve determined that you need a window screen replacement, you’ll need to decide what type of replacement you’ll need.

For homes with pets, those furry friends can do a number on a screen over time. If you want your window screen to last against those claws, you might want to consider a pet-resistant screen. Pet resistant screens are made of heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester that discourages pets from clawing. Though they are thicker and more durable than typical screens, they do not obstruct outward viewing. You can still enjoy your beautiful summer view while keeping your screens lasting for years to come.

Another option for replacement is the use of a solar screen. Solar screens are designed to block the heat of the sun, helping cool your home up to 15 degrees. This not only saves energy costs in the peak of summer, but it’s also a practical option in areas of the country where staying cool is a top priority. Unlike pet screens, solar screens don’t allow much sunlight to enter a room as they are made with durably constructed vinyl-coated polyester. For those who are day-sleepers or want to block out light in particular rooms, like media rooms, this is a perfect option when it comes time to replace your damaged window screen.

Consider Updating Other Window Screens
If certain window screens in your home have taken a beating and need replacement, it’s wise to examine the other screens in your home. Since this particular aspect of the home can go largely unnoticed until something’s wrong, examining them at the start of each summer season can help your screens last longer and save you money. Typically, you can find deals with screen companies if you decide to buy in bulk.

Quality Screen Company Is Here to Help
If it’s time for you to replace your damaged window screens, the expert team at Quality Screen Company is here for you. We walk you through the entire process, from finding the screen that perfectly fits your lifestyle to measurement and custom orders. Contact us today and get started!