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Low Price Guarantee

Buy With Confidence - Online Low Price Guarantee

Quality Screen Co. LP provides a Online Low Price Guarantee on many Select Products.
Not All Products are included in this Online Low Price Guarantee.

Products included in the Low Price Guarantee will be clearly indicated on the order page for that item.

To be eligible in the case of stock off-the-shelf items, it must be an identical item determined by manufacturer, size, color and quantities purchased from us.

Custom made items must be at least the same quality of materials provided by Quality Screen Co.
For Custom Made Window and Solar Screens, the manufacturer and grade of fabric must be the same Made in USA quality product, screen frame must be the same size, color, gauge of aluminum, and hardware options must be the same to qualify for the price match.

Additionally, the same quantity of each item must be compared due to quantity discounts applied to some items online.

The source of the lower price must be a bonafide Online Retail Merchant that actually displays their products and prices online and allows unassisted purchases via checkout and payment through their online store without human customer service assistance. Quality Screen Co. must be able to verify the competitor's purchase prices simply by visiting their online store.

Auction websites, private websites, close-out items, websites under construction and informational only websites are specifically excluded from this low price guarantee.

Since shipping costs are beyond our control, shipping/delivery costs will not be included or considered in the price matching.