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Custom Sheerweave 2000 Series Shades

Custom Sheerweave 2000 Series Shades

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How can you thoroughly enjoy a beautiful, bright, sunny day without worrying about the damages too much exposure to sunlight can cause? Not only is the UV in sunlight damaging to our skin, it can be damaging to precious heirloom furniture, commercial furnishings, and flooring too. You could put bulky, heavy drapes or perhaps blinds up, but then you sacrifice the ability to view anything through your windows or must take the time to open and close them frequently.

With custom Sheerweave 2000 series shades there's no need to struggle with curtains, drapes or clattering blinds! The Sheerweave 2000 series will reduce glare, maintain your privacy, yet allow a gentle, warm glow of light and visibility through all while protecting your home.

Custom Sheerweave 2000 series shades are made from vinyl-coated fiberglass basket weaves designed expressly for an opaquer, nondirectional illumination for a soft brightness. These shades have a wide variety of options. Choose from classic colors such as: white, bone, bone-platinum, platinum, bronze, charcoal gray, charcoal chestnut, white-bone and white-platinum meaning they will match any interior décor your home or business has.

Furthermore, you can customize the brightness by choosing either 10% openness or 5% to suit your tastes, chain types, clutch color, roll direction and so much more! Our Custom Sheerweave 2000 series shades truly give you almost every option.

We can help you maximize your home or business' energy efficiency, saving you money with these elegant Sheerweave 2000 series shades. In addition to saving you your hard-earned money, Sheerweave is simply unmatched in visual style. Fight against fading floors, furniture and furnishings, resist sun damage, and light a room in an unforgettable and refined manner.

With almost over 15 years of specializing in everything screens, we have the expertise to outfit any of your interior or exterior needs with quality items at quality prices. We have the most extensive line of custom Sheerweave 2000 series shades on the market today. It is our pleasure here at Quality Screens to guarantee you the best options you'll find anywhere else. Customer satisfaction is our passion and we're dedicated to serving you!

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