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Solar Screens for Windows Factory Made

About Solar Screens and Their Benefits

Phifer Textilene® 90 Solar Screens

What are Solar Screens?

Factory Made Solar ScreensSolar Screens cover the outside of a window similar to full size standard window screens. The difference is that solar screens are designed to block the heat gain that is generated when the sun's heat passes through the glass windows. Normally solar screens are made to cover the entire window to achieve the most heat blocking benefits and should be made with Heavy Duty Aluminum Frame instead of standard window screen frame. Although solar screens may look dark from outside, the outward visibility is maintained. With darker color solar shades, it is kind of like looking out though sunglasses, it blocks the glare and sometimes the outward visibility is even better than without the solar screen.

What are the Benefits of Installing Solar Screens?

The Home Cooling and Energy Savings potential of solar screens in warm climates are simply Phenomenal. Room temperature reduction of up to 15 degrees and savings of up to 25-30% of the cooling portion of electric energy costs can be achieved in warm climates. Did those numbers register with you? Most people can't really understand how effective solar screens are until they get them on their windows. Then they understand.

Do you have "problem rooms" that always seems to be hotter than the others? Can you can walk some rooms and feel the heat? The closer you get to the window, the more you can feel the heat on your skin? Some people even close off certain rooms because they are too hot. Solar Screens are the "Instant Cure" for these heat problems.

Open your blinds and drapes to let in the light and stay cool with your windows covered by external solar screens.

Additional benefits of installing solar screens on your windows is UV Protection for your Drapes, Furniture, Floors Paintings and other valuables to Reduce or Eliminate Fading and discoloration. Another added benefit is Daytime Privacy.

How do Solar Screens Work?Textilene® 80% Heat Blockage Chart

With Textilene® Solar Screen installed, up to 80-90% of the sun's heat and glare is reflected, absorbed and dissipated before it strikes the window.

In mid-summer, as much as 230 BTUs can fall on each square foot of unprotected glass. The chart illustrates how Textilene® 80 Solar Screens helps cool the home by blocking much of the heat before it reaches the glass.

Can I see Out Through Solar Screens?

Yes, even though they may look dark from the outside, the outward visibility can be excellent especially with the darker color Textilene® 80% Solar Screens. In some cases the outward visibility is even improved as the solar screens reduce the sun's glare. The outward view can be so good that many people forget they are even on the windows.

Who is a Candidate for Solar Screens?

Solar Screens have been very common for many years in areas like Dallas Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio in the State of Texas, Las Vegas, Reno and Henderson in the State of Nevada as well as the Arizona cites of Phoenix, Chandler, Mesa and Tucson. Many, many homes with solar window screens can be seen while traveling these areas.

In the last several years, Solar screen have gained popularity in the California cities of San Diego, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco, Sacramento, Rancho Cucamonga, Berkeley and other California areas. The popularity rose dramatically as the State of California offered solar screen rebates during a program funded in 2002. Although the rebate program has ended, popularity of solar screens remains high. Several of our customers have told us the market prices of assembled solar screens is very high in California.

In Florida, the number of homeowners cooling their homes with solar screens has been increasing in several areas. We have been shipping solar screens to Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Clearwater, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Palm Beach, Gainesville and Pensacola.  Many Florida cities may not have local manufacturers in the area.

Just recently, people in some northern states have realized that they can also benefit from having solar screens on their windows in the summer months. Some tell us they learned about them from a relative/friend in Phoenix, Dallas or Las Vegas. Solar screen orders have been coming from Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and as far north as New York and Maine during the summer months.

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