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Custom Made Solar Window Screens Options

Which Solar Screens are Best?

What Type of Solar Screens are the Best?

Brown Textilene® 80 Solar ScreensThe answer to that question depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Read all of the below to determine what is most important to YOU. Some types of solar screens provides the maximum heat blockage of up to 90%, but may not be the best for outward visibility. Other types of solar screens are best for preserving your outward view and letting in more natural light into your home. The color choice can affect the outward view as well as daytime privacy.

First think of what is most important to you in choosing solar screens:

  1. Cooling my home and reducing electric energy costs is my main goal....
  2. Blocking heat and  keeping my outward view and incoming natural light....
  3. Daytime privacy is also a very important feature to me....
  4. I want the ultimate heat blockage even if my home is darker inside....

The Quickie Guide to the Answers?

80% Solar Screens cool the home as much as needed in most climates, lets in natural light and has great outward visibility. It is recommended in most cases. Those in desert climates may want more heat blockage.

90% Solar Screens are the ultimate heat blockage, but may make the home noticeably darker and slightly restrict visibility, especially if looking out the window at an angle. Textilene® 90 solar screens are very useful for blocking more of that annoying glare on your TV, and for providing more daytime privacy.
Stucco Textilene® 80 Solar Screens
As for the Color Choice, there is only a small fractional scientific difference in the heat blocking, although the color can significantly affect the outward visibility and daytime privacy. The best outward visibility is through the darker color solar screens: either black, brown or dark bronze. I know that sounds backwards, but think of sunglasses and how their lenses are always a very dark color. The dark lenses cut the glare and the eyes see right through it. It is much the same with solar screens. With the lighter color solar screens, Grey or Stucco, the eyes tend to want to focus on the screen fabric before seeing the view on the other side of the screen.

Additional benefits of installing solar screens on your windows provides UV Protection for your Drapes, Furniture, Floors Paintings and other valuables to Reduce or Eliminate Fading and discoloration. Another added benefit is Daytime Privacy.

Twitchell™ Textilene® Solar Screens are Available in 6 Colors

Twitchell™ Textilene® Solar Screens Color ChoicesTextilene® Solar Screens (80% or  90%) are the Professional's Choice. Knowledgeable Dealers know that Textilene® Solar Screen will protect their reputation as well as their clients home. It is a very durable PVC coated polyester fabric that is almost indestructible. It also works well on Patio and Porch projects as so tough it can be stapled, nailed, sewn together and grommets installed. Textilene® Solar Screens are also very Pet Resistant.


Twitchell™ Textilene® 80% Solar Screens

Order Custom Made Textilene® 80 Solar ScreensTextilene® 80% Solar Screens are designed to block up to 80% of the sun's heat. Think about that...80% is a large number. It is recommended in most cases as it cools as much as needed, lets in a lot of natural light and has great outward visibility. Most people tell us they desire this combination of benefits. Again, the best outward visibility is with the darker color solar screens: either black, brown or dark bronze.

Twitchell™ Textilene® 90% Solar Screens

Order Custom Made Textilene® 90 Solar ScreensTextilene® 90% Solar Screens are designed to block up to 90% of the sun's heat. This is the highest rated solar screens in terms of heat blockage. The 90% solar screens do block more glare and provides better daytime privacy. The 90% may noticeably darken the rooms and outward visibility may not be as good as 80%, especially looking out at an angle.


The answer to What are the Best Solar Screens depends on what is important to YOU. No matter which solar screens you chose, you will be on your way to a more comfortable living area and lower cooling energy costs if you use air conditioning. Your Deck or Porch may become a usable area again in the summer months. The payback timeframe of solar screens cost is as short as 1-2 years in some warm climates.