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Guide to Porch or Patio Screen Panels with Quarter Round

Patio and Porch Screens with Quarter Round Molding

Attaching Our Porch & Patio Screen Panels With Quarter Round is Most Attractive.
We Will Illustrate the Method Using a Mock Up of a Porch Screen Opening Below.

Measure Opening

Bare Patio/Porch Opening 2x4 WoodWe start with a bare opening made from either 2x4 or 4x4 wood as many patios and porches are constructed.

This represents the openings in a patio or porch design that we will use for illustrations. You may need to use your imagination to relate it to your own project.

Hopefully your openings will be relatively square.

Industry recommendations on maximum  screen sizes is about 40 square feet.

We do offer our Patio and Porch Screen Panels up to 60" x 96" with a stronger 7/16x1 frame.

In general try to keep your porch or patio screens within a reasonable size.

Now is the time to measure for your patio/porch screen panel sizes.

  1. Measure opening width at top and bottom corners and note the smallest measurement.
  2. Measure opening height at left and right corners and note the smallest measurement.
  3. Subtract 1/16" to 1/8" from both width and height to allow easy insertion.

Attach Stops

Screw Bottom Outside Stop to Screen OpeningScrew Side Outside Stop to Screen Opening
  1. The 1"x2" Outside Stops are attached around all 4 sides flush with the outside edges.
  2. Drill pilot holes to prevent splitting the 1"x2" stops before putting the screws in.
  3. A #10 x 1-1/2" wood screw spaced about 12-18 inches should work for this step.

Patio Screen Outside Stops Bottom Right CornerPorch Screen Outside Stops Top Right Corner

Your Outside Stops should look similar to this when you are finished with all 4 sides.
Depending on your abilities and tools, you may wish to miter cut the stops.

Attach Screen

Drill Pilot Hole in Porch Screen Panel FrameDrive Screw Through Patio Screen Panel Frames
  1. Drill Pilot Hole completely through screen frame for a #10 x 1" screw.
  2. Drill Counter Sink Hole through The Outside of the screen frame slightly larger than screw head.

Shows Counter Sink Hole in Porch Screen Frame

Your porch screen frame countersunk holes should look like this.

The outside hole is large enough for the screw head to pass through concealing the screw head inside the screen frame.

Dirve Screw into Patio/Porch Screen Panel FrameScrew Head Should be Hidden within Patio Screen Panel Frames

Countersink your screws into the frame so that the head is concealed within the frame as shown.

Attach Quarter Round

Use Counter Sink Drill for Pilot Holes Quarter RoundDrive Screw into Countersunk Hole in Quarter Round Trim
  1. The Quarter Round is attached around all 4 sides.
  2. Drill Counter Sink Pilot Holes to in the Quarter Round Trim.
  3. Locate screws near each corner and every 12"-18" as needed for size of patio screen.

Bottom Right Corner of Quarter Round TrimTop Right Corner of Quarter Round Trim

Your finished porch screen panels with quarter round molding should look like this when finished. Quarter Round trim molding must be miter cut at corners for a nice looking finish.

Porch/Patio Screen Panel Installed with Quarter Round TrimPatio or Porch Screen Panel Attached with Quarter Round Molding

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