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Installing the Screen Tight™ Patio or Porch Screening System

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  1. Screen Tight installation step 1If this is to be a patio or porch screen replacement, begin by removing the old lattice strips and screening. Then remove the old staples and nails or hammer them flush with the surface.
  2. Screen Tight installation step 2Cut the tracks to length with pruning shears or other sharp cutter. Cut as Precise as possible to butt up against each other. There is no need to miter the corners.
  3. Screen Tight installation step 3Screw or nail the Screen Tight™ channels over the porch's wood framing. Make holes and attach at about one inch from ends if no holes exist. Clean or repaint the surfaces beforehand if needed.
  4. Screen Tight installation step 4Start at the top. Hold the screen and the spline taut in one hand and roll the spline into the track with the other. Roll the screen in the bottom next.
  5. Screen Tight installation step 5After installing the spline in the top and bottom, continue with the the sides. Do not pull the screen too tight on the last side. Rolling in the spline will tighten the screen all that is needed.
  6. Screen Tight installation step 6Trim the excess screen and spline using a utility knife. Trim the corner sections neatly as possible but need not be perfect. The Screen Tight™ Cap will cover most imperfections.
  7. Screen Tight installation step 7Tap the trim cap into place using a rubber mallet. Start at one end and work toward the other. Avoid sliding the cap away from the end you started from.
  8. Screen Tight installation step 8Using a small T-Square or even a ruler, mark a straight cutting line where the Screen Tight™ Caps intersect. Cut the trim caps in place with pruning shears. The butt joint should align with those of the underlying framing members.

Order Screen Tight Porch Screen SystemlScreen-Tight's™ unique system is easily adapted to most screen porches and patios. The base component attaches to wood framing with 1" wood or sheet rock screws. Make sure to put a screw in each slot. Fastener should be snug, but not so tight that the base strip bends. Put a screw no less than 2" from the end of each base component. The excess screen is cut and removed, allowing cap to snap into base. This completes the installation.

Fiberglass screen and some Solar Screen can be used with the Screen-Tight™ porch and patio screening system. Screen-Tight's™ base components are to be attached to vertical and horizontal framing. Widths of 1.5" and 3.5" are to be used on 2"x4" and 4"x4" frames, respectively. Spline size .175 should be used with fiberglass screen. Suntex 80 Solar screen would use .150 spline.

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