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Screen Tight Screen System

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Replacing the screens on your porch or patio can feel like a lot of work, especially if you have to remove the lattice to fully replace the screens. Should you just hire a professional to handle it? Our answer is no! We offer options that eliminate the need for a contractor or handyman to schedule time out of your day to just mark up prices for installation. The Screen Tight™ screen systems are designed to give your porch or patio a very professional look that even novices can install. These systems work best on structures built from 2x2 or 4x4 lumber. Screen tight screens are easy to use and, with our installation guide, you’ll be able to get this task checked off.

The Screen Tight™ systems come in two parts. The base is what is either nailed or screwed into the wood. You won’t use staples, so you’ll never have to deal with the pain of removing them from the wood in the future. This piece comes in black and will be hidden by the cover. The base is what will hold the screen tightly in place, hence its name. The screen tight cap is a vinyl weather resistant piece that is installed onto the base with a rubber mallet. This covers the nails, so you won’t have any rust leaking down the wood. You may choose between white or beige to match your patio or porch’s color scheme. The screen tight porch screen system accepts standard fiberglass screen wire as well as serrated retainer spline. We guarantee these screen tight systems will keep your screens tight and looking like a professional installed them.

Save yourself time and money by choosing to install screens on your patio or porch on your own. Please check out our installation guide for a complete walk-through, from removing old screens to replacing new ones with your new system. Please note that a minimum of five pieces for both the base and cap is required per order. If you have questions about our Screen Tight™ screen systems, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.