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How To Add Value to Your Home With a Screen Porch

Purchasing a home, whether forever or for a short while is an investment. Like any investment, you enjoy seeing it grow and hope for future returns as time goes on. One of the many ways we as homeowners can add value as well as comfort to our living spaces is home improvement projects that make the home look and feel better.

One question many of our clients contact us to ask us is: does a screened porch add value to your home? And, how does a screened porch add value to your home?

The first answer is yes, and the second question has several answers on how a screen porch can add value to your house as there are many ways to define what value means. We know of course that monetary value is one of the first things that come to mind, but it may add far more than just that, too.

When Selling

Whether you are upgrading and selling, downsizing, or made improvements with intentions to sell, screened-in porches can indeed add value. Will you be able to recoup every single dollar that you\'ve placed in building your new porch? Probably not. According to several Realty agents and experts, you can recoup up to 70-75% of the monetary investment you made in adding a screen porch though, which is still an excellent percentage.

Home appraisers do not include a screen porch in their heated square footage calculations, as space is not a conditioned space. Meaning it does not include a heated, ventilated, and air-conditioned space (HVAC).

However, having a screen porch does affect the average ROI (return on investment) overall as simply having a cozy, outdoor area is immediately appealing to potential home buyers that may view or visit your home in the interest of buying. Other items which will increase the value of your home with a screened porch:

  • How large the area is.
  • Has it been highly customized?
  • Has it been custom-built?
  • What quality of materials has been used in construction?

• Does the screened-in area have: a fireplace, jacuzzi, or pool?

  • What decorative architecture has been added to the porch?

The more customized a screened porch design, the more desirable a potential buyer may find your home, which will assist in fetching a higher ROI. While most potential buyers are not actively looking for a porch, many reality experts explain that homes that come with extras as well as nice or unexpected features tend to be noticed and viewed more favorably.

A screened porch is also an improvement to an outdoor living space. A lot of time when renovating, or home rebuilding, whether it\'s a contractor or do-it-yourself project, we tend to focus on the interior renovations and forget the outside. Having a beautiful outdoor living area that provides a space for entertaining, especially during the summer, is an added advantage to a home for sale.

Curb Appeal and Benefits

An easy means to add curb appeal to your home would be to consider adding a front screened porch and/or a back porch. If you already have a backyard patio deck or even stone tile, enclosing that space with a screen porch can be surprisingly easy to do thanks to pre-made kits and customization options.

One of the downsides of outdoor living, relaxation, or play is that no matter where you are in the country, insects are or will become a problem. Specifically, biting mosquitos and insects drawn to lights during the evening. With a screened-in porch, most if not all insect visitors can be blocked from entering.

Another advantage and benefit of a screened-in porch that can easily be forgotten is the fact that most screens can stop dirt, debris, and leaves from being blown into your outdoor living area. Tired of having to sweep your back patio what feels like every day during the summer? A screen porch is a perfect solution to keeping dirt and leaves at bay.


While sunrooms are no doubt gorgeous, having to open a window or slide a piece of glass or cleaning it from paw or fingerprints frequently may not appeal to you either. Also, there is the cost to think of. A sunroom or three-season room most often needs more weatherproofing and weather sealing than a screen porch not to mention the cost of single-pane or double-pane insulated glass.

Additionally, glass tends to create hotter temperatures due to heat being unable to dissipate as well as glass permitting harmful UV rays through that could fade or bleach outdoor furniture and décor.

A screened porch allows you to not only enjoy the breeze whenever you wish, free of bugs and insects but can work as a shade and protectant against the sun. Specifically, if you decide to use special screen fabrics, such as Textilene 80 or 90 solar screen fabric rolls that can be installed within almost any frame. This type of screen material for a porch can block out not only the heat and harmful UV rays, but can often keep a screen porch near untouched by weather such as heavy rain.

So not only will a screen porch add monetary value to your home, but it will add personal, familial benefits as well as memories of time spent outdoors within your home. We believe this is a value that cannot be monetarily measured.

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