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Different Types of Pet Resistant Screens

We love our pets. They bring us joy, comfort, and laughter just with their presence. They also can be a little or a lot destructive without even realizing it. The scenario of a pet excitedly bounding toward the front screen door to greet their owner when they come home and jump, putting their paws on the screen—or perhaps your cat having the zoomies on the back porch and climbing halfway up probably are familiar scenes for pet owners.

Some screens simply cannot handle the rough and tumble love or zoomies our pets can dish out on them. If you have a pet that tends to shred your normal screens or are considering a pet in the future but have normal screens in your patio, porch, doors, or pool, then it might be time to consider replacing them with extremely tough pet screens.

But what options are available to you? What are the different types of pet screens?

What is Pet Screen?

There are two popular materials for a pet screen. One is the typical fabric-like mesh material seen in windows, screen doors, patios, and so on. Another is a protective metal mesh, called a screen door grill guard.

Screen material specified as a pet screen is not made with the standard fiberglass or aluminum. Great, pet-resistant screens are made from vinyl-coated polyester instead, a material that is both flexible and up to 7 times stronger than the common fiberglass screens.

What makes vinyl-coated polyester the best choice for pet screens?

Vinyl-coated polyester is a material most used in many flexible fabric structures, such as screens. It is created with a polyester scrim (a scrim is a type of polyester woven material that can be widely used as reinforcement in both building and canvas making), a strong bonding or adhesive agent, and an exterior PVC coating.

The scrim supports the coating and provides sturdy tensile strength, elongation, tear-resistance, and dimensional stability. Adding a PVC coating makes the polyester waterproof, mildew, oil, salt, chemical, and UV ray resistant as well while adding additional strength and durability.

This is what makes pet screens incredibly pet-resistant to clawing or scrambling. The materials all bone together to become a heavy-duty weave that can withstand a puppy's playful romp or a kitten's energetic climb.

Why Would I Need a Screen Door Grill Guard?

If purchasing pet screens is not in your budget or you already have a pet resistant screen installed in your screen doors, the additional protection of a screen door grill can help prevent the screen from being popped out. Either by excitable pets that love to jump at the screen door if someone knocks or delivers an item or keep it protected from your enthusiastic toddler that may push in the screen by accident.

They offer an additional layer of protection to your screen doors, especially against accidental kicking, pressure on the screen, and of course, if you do not already have a pet resistant screen this keeps them from clawing, scratching, or tearing a screen that is not made for pets.

The Different Types of Pet Screens

We offer extremely flexible use of pet screens made from vinyl-coated polyester. As not all windows and door shapes are cookie-cutter, there are several options to choose from.

Black, Roll, and Pet Screen Fabric (per linear foot)– For those who do-it-themselves. This pet-screen roll is made with the ultra-strong vinyl-coated-polyester that ensures its ability to stand against pets. This is available in sizes of 36in x 7 ft, 36 in x 100 ft, 48 in x 7 ft, and 48in by 100ft. Excellent for both professional screen installers and the handy person at home.

Black pet screen fabric is also available per linear foot in 36 inches and 48 inches.

Custom Pet Resistant Screens

Here's where customization truly shines. Custom pet resistance screens can be cut and ordered at 5 different quantities, ranging from 10 to 50 inches in width.

With customized pet screens, you aren't locked into a singular color but can choose black, brown, grey, stucco, dark bronze, and beige. You can even choose the screen frame's crossbar location, any hardware needed for installation, and if you choose to, include any hardware notes when you order our custom pet resistant screens.

This opens up so many beautiful décor options for your home in any areas you wish to install the pet screen and can make sure that a pet screen fits flawlessly wherever you decide to install the screen.

Questions or comments about these pet-resistant screens? Contact us anytime, it would be our pleasure to help.