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Bail Loop Latch

Bail Loop Latch

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When you need your window screens to be locked into place, you need a latch that can keep it from being pushed out of the window. Maybe the kids pushed them out in the past or high winds in your area knocked them out of your windows. Plastic bail loop latches may be very inexpensive, but they're prone to failure. Our metal bail loop latches are designed to tightly hold the bottom of the screen in the window frame. Whether you're wanting to reinforce your window screens at home or need to restock your business supply of these latches, we have you covered. Offered in two installation styles, these latches will exceed your expectations.

The bail loop latch is a great component to have on hand to keep your screens in place when pushed against. They come in two styles—slip-on and spline channel—that are incredibly easy to install. The spline channel installs by inserting the ball head screw into the inner side of the sill. Then, the latch hook is placed over the screw. This option is only available in Silver. For the slip-on bail loop latch, the latch is pushed onto the bottom of the screen frame and the latch hook is slipped overtop the screw. This option is more suitable for an aluminum screen frame up to 7/16" thick. The slip-on bail loop latch comes in Silver, White, and Bronze. If you're simply installing these in your home, choose the quantity of 25. For professional screeners, the bags of 100 and 500 are excellent to have in your stores. Plus, they're affordably priced for bulk buying.

If you've had plastic bail loop latches in the past that failed to hold your screen frames in place or worn out over time, our metal latches are for you! For more detailed information about these latches, see the images for the specific dimensions located on this page. If you have other questions about the bail loop latch or our other latches, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information. We're here to help!

Samuel Docknevich
May 31, 2020
Perfect fit for the screens of my 30 year old windows.
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Brian Lickfelt
Feb 23, 2019
I bought these as finger pulls for setting screens in my 2nd floor windows. They work FAR better than the plastic ones which came on the screens I unfortunately bought, instead of building with parts from Quality Screen. I simply shot an aluminum rivet to hold them in place. PERFECT!

Advantages: Great quality.

Disadvantages: NONE!
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Jeff Henderson
Nov 27, 2017
Exactly what I expected.
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Donald Gilworth
Sep 15, 2017
I am very pleased with my purchase.

Advantages: I live in a windy climate and the Bail Loop Latch anchors the screens.

Disadvantages: I can not think of any disadvantages to this product.
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Lois Schock
Jul 26, 2017
Awesome products & service. My cat jumped up on a window sill, popped out the screen and fell 3 stories down onto a concrete patio! I searched everywhere looking for ways to secure the screen! I found white "Bail Loop Latches" at Quality Screen! I am a 72 year old grandma and I installed these on every window in my home!

Advantages: Best inventory in the USA! Quality material and fast service! BTW, I never write reviews but this company deserves it!

Disadvantages: None
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Dale Sheets
Jun 13, 2017
Good product, easy to install exceed my expectations

Advantages: Very easy to install

Disadvantages: Too expensive
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john joen
Aug 1, 2016
Good product ..easy to install
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edward albertian
Apr 21, 2016
I ordered these latches for our screens. i must tell you, we built our home 20 years ago, had Malta windows installed and the screens never worked well, the latches always would break and I have been looking for a latch that is maintenance free and easy to work with..........These latches are fantastic, easy to install, make our screens super solid and they stay in place after 20 years I wish I had found these sooner.

Great sale, product was as described, parts all in place and instructions on how to install...

Advantages: A1 everything about this product is outstanding

Disadvantages: trying to figure out best location for the screw holder, after two or three screens you figure it out.
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david smith
Apr 14, 2015
Very professional sale. Efficient, timely and
good quality goods.
Dave Smith

Advantages: Strong, durable good looking product.

Disadvantages: None that I can see or think of.
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Joe Avento
Apr 18, 2014
didnt fit...Your web site should give dimensions
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