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Why Should You Install Home Window Tinting?

Adding tinting film to home windows is becoming more and more popular in the DIY community. And it’s not just for aesthetic reasons. Installing home window tinting has many practical benefits in protecting you and your home from the sun, as well as other people. Here are just a few that we’ve found.

One of the primary benefits of installing window tinting on your home windows is to offer you more privacy. This is the same reason that you install fences, put up curtains and blinds, and even why some people move out of urban areas altogether. But for those of us who don’t have the luxury of moving away from people entirely, window tinting is a great way to limit who can have visual access to your home. Being able to have full privacy from neighbors and people passing by in the street can offer you so much more comfort in your home.

In the same way that tinting film can offer privacy from nosy neighbors, it can also offer an added layer of protection from potential burglars. Windows on the ground floor are the most common access point for burglars, especially if they are unlocked or old and easy to break. However, burglars are more likely to break into a home if they can see valuables inside. This could include TVs, gaming consoles, or appliances. But if you block their view of your belongings and don’t allow them to “window shop”, then they are given less of an incentive.

Energy Conservation
Another benefit of tinting your home windows is protection from heat entering and exiting your home through the glass. This will save you a good deal of money on your energy bill. Installing tinting film to windows adds an extra layer of insulation and protection to your home. This reduces the amount of heat from the sun that can penetrate the glass, which will keep your rooms at a more stable temperature during the day. It will also reduce how much interior heat is lost through the glass. You can save money on both the heating and the cooling of your home!

As well as protecting your home from potential burglars, window tinting film can also protect you and your family from potential injury. One of the biggest dangers during a hurricane or tornado is shards of glass being blown in from a broken window. However, tinting film acts as a protective layer, keeping the glass pane intact even when broken. This can prevent sharp pieces of glass from covering your floors and being stepped on after a storm, or after a window is accidentally broken. Having window tinting installed at your house is a great safety measure, especially if there are small children in the home.

UV Protection
Window tinting can protect the home from the heat of the sun, but it can also limit harmful UV rays from entering through the windows. High-quality window tinting film has been proven to reduce the sun’s UV rays by over 90%! One great benefit of reducing UV rays is that it will protect your skin from harmful UV exposure that can cause melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. It will also protect your belongings from sun damage and fading or yellowing over time. This is especially helpful in extending the lifespan of your rugs, curtains, and upholstered furniture.

Glare Reduction
And finally, window tinting can be a great tool in blocking the sun’s glare from obscuring your TV and computer screens. For many people who work from home, or even those who enjoy watching TV or playing video games during the day, a glare coming in from the windows is irritating. But by adding a tinting film to your windows, the strength of the sun’s rays will be drastically reduced, effectively removing the nuisance of glares on your screens. This way, you can still enjoy sunlight coming in your windows during your work and recreation!