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When and How to Use an Adjustable Window Screen

Using adjustable window screens can be the perfect solution for certain times and situations. These extremely convenient options have got you covered whenever they're needed. Let's go through when and how to use adjustable window screens so that they can serve you when it suits you!

When to Use an Adjustable Window Screen
Depending on the property type, an adjustable window screen could be the perfect addition to your living experience. Many homes built before the 1930s have windows that aren't built in a way that a traditional window screen can be installed. Many mobile homes have screenless windows, as well as boats, cabins, and RVs. If you're living space has windows where screens can't easily be installed, an adjustable screen is the answer!
You don't have to accept a living condition where it's practically impossible to open your windows without welcoming bugs and debris into your environment. Feeling a cool and soothing breeze is one of the best and most relaxing ways to enjoy the year's warmer months. Opening your windows can also alleviate the need to use AC units or fans that tend to rack up potentially expensive utility bills. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of having an open window with a protective screen - use an adjustable window screen for all of your living spaces where traditional screens aren't able to be used.

Also, if you're planning on moving from a place without window screens, save yourself the time and cost of installing window screens by using adjustable window screens in the meantime. One great attribute of this type of screen is that they're portable and convenient to move with you. Allow yourself the joy of having protective, adjustable screens until the time when you move locations.

How to Use an Adjustable Window Screen
Installation for an adjustable window screen is as simple as it could be! They're ready right from the box - no assembly necessary. There are a few different sizes that you can choose from when purchasing your adjustable screen that are ready to fit standard sizes of window frames as far as height goes, but the width will vary with your adjustments.
Once you've received your order, take out your adjustable window screen and open your window. Take your adjustable screen and place it in the opening. Use the tension that the adjustable screen provides to fit the width of your window after nestling it underneath the window itself.

If your window opens to the side, place the screen in your window once it's open and tuck it into the height of the frame. Then, use the tension of the adjustable screen to fit it between your open window and the frame.
To remove your adjustable window screen, push the tension of the width of the screen until its edges are visible. That way it will be easy to grab the edge, and gently remove the screen from your window. Then you'll be able to close your window completely and safely store your adjustable window screen in your living space, sparing it from damages or wear and tear typically resulting from nature's forces.
And when you need to, take it with you! These highly convenient and portable screens are movable, from place to place or window to window. Store them safely within your living space, and you can use them as often as you'd like, wherever you need them.
As you can see, using adjustable window screens can be the perfect solution for you depending on your situation, and they're easy to use! Check out our selection of adjustable window screens to find the height you need to make your windows a protective, open place to let in a gentle breeze.