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Pet Screen Fabric


Pet Screen Black Roll
Pet Screen Black Roll contains ultra strong screening that resists tears and damage by dogs and c...
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Pet Screen Fabric (per linear foot)
Pet Screen Sold by the Linear Foot. Order Just the Amount You Need. Ultra strong screening re...
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Pets can sometimes wreak havoc on newly installed window screens by pushing against or clawing at them. Luckily, we have specially designed pet screen that helps with the wear and tear from your furry family members. Use it as a cat screen for your mischievous little ones that carry out destruction when you aren’t looking. Or, use it as a dog screen for those who like to paw at the door or push against it when you’ve arrived home. Whether you have one or both types of animals, our pet screen fabrics will hold up very well.

Our pet screen rolls are ideal for installing screens in various locations. The incredibly strong screen resists tears, punctures, and other damage from both cats and dogs. You can order the screen in 36in x 7ft, 36in x 100ft, 48in x 7ft, or 48in x 100ft. The benefit of choosing the pet screen roll is that, should your screen become damaged over time, you can easily measure, cut, and replace the screen in no time. Once installed, you may even find that it could work elsewhere in your home that you hadn’t originally anticipated. Please be sure to check our spline size guide to ensure the pet screen roll will work with yours. This is available in black only.

If you’d rather buy per linear foot instead of an entire roll, you can do that, too. This is the exact same pet screen fabric as sold in the roll, just in the precise quantity that you need to install. This is a great option if you don’t expect to need to re-screen windows or if you know the exact measurements of your space. That way after installation, you have nothing to put away. This option comes in widths of 36 and 48 inches. Please note that a minimum of 10 linear feet is required per order.

While these screens are primarily for pet use, they’re also useful for young children. So, whether you’re dealing with little hands or paws, these fabrics will stay looking great and help keep them where they need to be. If you have questions about our pet screen fabrics, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.