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SCREENEZE® Screen System

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The SCREENEZE® Patio/Porch Screening System allows for a flexible design that fits most any application.

- Easy to Install- No Stretching, No Staples, No Spline
- Durable, Safe, Versatile and Cost Effective

This Porch, Patio or Gazebo screening system is an easy to install two-piece snap design, which does not require spline or rolling tools. The base is extruded aluminum, and the snap cap is extruded vinyl. Simply attach the base along the entire edge of the inside or outside perimeter of your opening. Lay your screen wire on the face of the base angle and snap the vinyl onto one side. then pull the wire across the opening, pulling just tight enough to take out the slack, snap the vinyl cap onto the opposing side. As the vinyl cap depresses onto the base, the wire is pulled into the cap channel thereby stretching the wire. No need to worry about bending or bowing the base angle since it will be firmly attached to the frame opening with self-drilling screws 10 inches apart (painted screws are supplied). The SCREENEZE® System works with all 18 x 16, 18 x 14, and 20 x 20 fiberglass screen wire.