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Solar Screen Kits


Solar Screen Kit - Textilene® 80%
Blocks up to 80% of the sun's heat. All The Parts Needed To Make One Solar Screen. ...
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Solar Screen Kit - Textilene® 90%
Blocks up to 90% of the sun's heat. All The Parts Needed To Make One Solar Screen. Textilen...
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Build your own solar screen with our easy to assemble solar screen kits. Because these kits ship unassembled, you’ll save on shipping and have the satisfaction of putting together your own screens for your home. The largest benefit of outfitting your home with solar screens is that they could cool it up to 15 degrees!

You’ll receive all the parts you need, including the precise measurements and colors for a perfect fit. The heavy-duty screen frames are 5/16 thick and have your choice of solar screen fabric. The kits also include four external corners, spline, two slide-in leaf springs, two lift tabs, and a spline roller tool. Plus, detailed instructions are given to ensure you install your screens right the first time. The fabric is available in black, brown, grey, stucco, dark bronze, and beige. There are five frame finishes as well, which include champagne, tan, bronze, silver, and white. We offer two different types of solar screen—the Twitchell™ Textilene® 80% and 90%. The Textilene® material is extremely durable with over a 400 lb. breaking strength per square inch. It’s also fire retardant for ease of mind. The difference between the two screen types is according to the darkness and heat blockage each provides.

The Textilene® 80% solar screen kits are ideal if you want privacy, yet still want light in the room. These block out 80% of the sun’s heat and offer great daytime privacy. Damaging UV rays are blocked as well, protecting you, your furniture, and the flooring. Place these screens in your living room, dining room, kitchen, or enclosed porch areas to keep them cool and comfortable for you and guests. If you’d like even more blockage for bedrooms or media rooms, choose the 90% DIY solar screen kits.

The Textilene® 90% solar screens will effectively darken any room, keeping it very cool and protected from the sun’s UV rays. These block out 90% of the sun’s heat, so they’re perfect for bedrooms and other areas of the home that tend to overheat. If you or your spouse is a daytime sleeper, the 90% solar screens will help keep your bedroom dark and comfortable as they don’t allow much natural light to enter the room. Because of their dark quality, they may not be ideal for living rooms and areas where light is needed.

You may opt to add a crossbar and two crossbar clips to your DIY solar screen kits. Choose these highly economical kits to fully screen your home. You’ll save on shipping costs and even on your next energy bill! If you have other questions about our solar screen kits, please feel free to contact us via email or phone at 972-438-9100 for more information.