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Save Money with Window Screens

As seasonal temperatures rise, so can the price of your energy bill. Finding the right tips and tools to keep your bills relatively cheap can be difficult, but we can point you in the right direction. A window or solar screen could be what you need to keep your energy prices low and home comfort level up. Here’s how a window screen can help:

What is a Window Screen?

Window screens are screens placed on the outside of a window. They are made of a mesh material that allows sunlight to pass through, but not heat. The screens are generally made of metal or plastic, and the mesh is usually coated with a reflective material.

These screens are designed to protect your home from the hot sun. A dark color screen absorbs heat, and a lighter color reflects light. Both kinds are effective at keeping your home a little cooler on hot days. If your screen is made with a closer-knit mesh, it can also block most UV rays, providing another layer of protection. If you’re tired of dealing with glare, a screen can reduce its impact. Instead of having to readjust your TV or mirrors to avoid the bright sunlight, a screen can stop it from interrupting your view. Also, if you need more control over the amount of natural light that enters your house, a screen can limit it.

A solar window screen offers a less-open fabric with a low solar transmittance percentage, meaning it is difficult for sunlight to pass through the material. These screen types are crafted with specific patterns to increase protection against the sun. By utilizing technologies in solar reflection and absorption, they’re a useful tool for your home.

How Can Window Screens Save You Money?

By blocking heat from the outside, solar screens make a difference in how you regulate your temperature. Consider these five fantastic ways how a window screen can shrink your bill:

1. Reduced Appliance Use

On a hot day, you’re probably cranking up the AC, which can put a huge dent in your monthly energy bill. However, because window screens can keep the heat away from windowed areas, not as much heat is entering the house. This means your appliances that regulate interior temperature don’t need to be working as hard as they usually would without them, ultimately lowering energy costs.

2. Better Airflow

If you want to keep your windows open without dealing with harmful UV rays, then a window screen can help you. UV rays are not only hot but can fade some of your furnishings over time. There are varieties of window screens that can block up to 90% of UV rays that can heat your home while adding ample room for airflow if you appreciate a breeze from the outside. If you want to save on both energy and from having to replace fading furniture, choose a window screen.

3. Cost Effective

Instead of reinstalling all of your windows, adding a solar window screen is a relatively cheaper option. When it comes to large window coverings that keep the heat out, a window screen can keep temperatures and renovation costs down. The fabric that these screens are made of is very versatile and can be cut to desired specifications. They come with a value that cannot be beat.

4. Cheaper Alternative

Dark or thick drapes are useful for keeping sunlight and heat out of your house but can be costly due to their premium materials and extravagant designs. A window screen is much cheaper and easier to maintain than your average set of drapes.

5. Additional Benefits

Window screens do more than keep the heat out; they also keep bugs out. If you enjoy opening your windows to catch a breeze but don’t want to attract insects inside, a window screen will help. Save money by avoiding the exterminator and blocking the bugs before they invade your home.