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Pros and Cons of Interior and Exterior Rollup Solar Shades

There are a variety of pros and cons of interior and exterior roll-up solar shades. Both are extremely effective at keeping out the sun, shielding you and your home from harmful UV rays. They also make your home more energy efficient by keeping that hot sunlight at bay, making your living space a cooler and more affordable place to be. With that being said, many people see these overall benefits and want to make these additions to their homes to improve their living environments. But when they're ready to purchase, they run into two options: interior and exterior roll-up shades. So which one is the best choice? We'll go through the benefits and downsides of having an interior or exterior roll-up solar shades.

Interior roll-up shades are aesthetically pleasing. They add value to your home when you choose a material or pattern that fits your style. They help to keep the sunlight out, preserving the integrity of and mitigating damage to your furniture, walls, carpets, and artwork. And if glare is an issue in your home, they'll also help to take care of that.
They're also incredibly convenient, operating with a pulley or a motorized retractable asset. This makes them easy to use and alter in any way you see fit.
However, if you're looking for full functionality, interior roll-up solar shades might not be the best choice for you. While they operate well, their placement inside your home limits their ability to keep out the heat. They'll make your home cooler - but not as cool as it could be if you opted for exterior solar shades.

1) Aesthetic Appeal
2) Reduce Heat
3) Reduce UV Rays
4) Reduce Glare
5) Convenient
1)  Do Not Operate as well as Exterior Rollup Solar Shades

If you're going for function first, you'll want exterior roll-up solar shades instead. These are fastened onto the outside of your windows with a piece of fabric and a magnetic retention locking system, so they're not going anywhere. They don't falter, so any sunlight and UV rays trying to get in to damage your home or heat it aren't going to be able to. And if that glare is bothering you, it won't be anymore!
They might operate too well for your liking. While it's great to keep the sunlight out completely, you also keep out that gentle breeze. If you want to allow yourself the feeling of free-flowing air at will, then these might not be the best choice for you. Once they're in place, they're going to stay there unless you take some time and effort to take them off. And even if you do, you'll have to put them back onl, which can be tedious and time-consuming. You can opt for a motorized option, but if you lose the remote, you'll be stuck retracting them manually.

1) Greatly Reduce Heat
2) Greatly Reduce UV Rays
3) Greatly Reduce Glare
1) Inconvenient
2) More Permanent

So, while interior roll-up solar shades are more easily adjustable and can add aesthetic value to the interior of your home, they don't offer the most protection from the sun. Exterior window shades are great in terms of effectiveness, but you could be stuck with them if you go without a motorized option, and it's imperative not to lose the remote. As far as the pros and cons of interior and exterior roll-up solar shades go, the benefits for each outweigh the downsides. No matter which option you choose, they'll add value to your home and make it a safer and cooler place to be.