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Pet Screen Durability

We all love our furry companions - they're part of the family, after all. But even the most well-behaved dog or cat can damage a home. One feature of your home that can take a lot of damage from pets is your window screens, especially porch or sliding-door screens. Shredding from claws can weaken screens, causing holes and tears over time. Not only that, but larger holes can occur, opening the way for your beloved pet to possibly escape your home.

What's the solution to claw damage on window screens?

Durable and long-lasting pet screens. Pet-resistant window and doorway screens are designed for potentially destructive dogs and cats. They are made from PVC-coated polyester yarn that protects against claws and the brute force of large dogs while also discouraging clawing in animals. In addition, they are long-lasting and do not obstruct outward viewing. Continue reading to learn why pet screens are well worth the investment.

How Strong Are Pet-Resistant Screens?
Pet screens are stronger and more durable than normal window screens for several reasons. Most pet screens are made of PVC or vinyl-coated polyester, which is up to 7 times stronger than traditional fiberglass or aluminum screens. This material is tear and fray resistant and can withstand over 400 lbs of strength per square inch. Other pet screens, like pet grille guards, are made from heavy-duty steel. Pet screens can also have a Florentine pattern that creates a more robust mesh.
These materials are entirely pet-safe and can be installed in any doorway or window. You can rest assured that your cat or dog can remain safe and secure even when you want to open a window or doorway.

Other Benefits of Pet Screens
In addition to keeping your pets safe, pet-resistant screens offer added protection against insects, like flies and gnats, in the spring and summer. The frames often come in colors that match your home decor, like white, bronze, silver, tan, or champagne, so you do not have to sacrifice your home's beauty for your pet's safety. The mesh also comes in several colors, like black, bronze, beige, gray, or stucco.
Pet screens are also typically longer-lasting than other screens. For example, the pet screens that Quality Screen Company offers have a 10-year factory warranty against rips, frays, and discoloration. So your investment is protected even in the off-chance that your window screen becomes damaged in that time. Many homeowners who do not have destructive pets will often still opt for this type of screen due to the product's lifetime value.

Installation and Product Options
Quality Screen Company offers a variety of quality pet screens and affordable installation. Our pet grille guards are designed to protect screen doors, whereas our Swinging Screen Door Guard is great for storm doors. If you only need the screen mesh and not the frame, we offer two options— our Pet Screen Roll and Pet Screen Fabric. Both offer the same durability and strength but make it easy for you to reinstall screens throughout the home and make repairs in the future.
We also offer affordable installation on pet screens. The process is the same for regular screens, so if you have a screen that is beginning to fail due to your pets, it can be replaced easily with our expert team of installers.
Pet-resistant screens are the strongest option to keep your pets and home happy. Contact us today if you're interested in hearing more about the many benefits of pet screens.