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Key Terms for Windows and Window Screens

It’s easy to understand the workings of a window and window screens when you know the terms for their parts and features. If you’ve wanted to know more about your windows for general knowledge or your next project, use this glossary to learn more about what you need to know.

Window Terms

1. Apron
The apron of a window is the wooden trim piece found below the window sill. It is there to provide support to the window and to cover up any gaps that may be present.

2. Casing
The casing of a window is the frame that surrounds the window. It helps to protect the window from weather and pests.

3. Frame
A frame is the part of a window that holds the glass. It is usually made of wood, metal, or plastic. The frame keeps the glass still and in place.

4. Grille
A grille is a grid of bars that are used to divide up a window. It is often intended for decorative purposes. It’s also helpful for protection from damage and insects.

5. Head
The head of a window is the upper horizontal member of the window frame. It supports the window sash and is usually wider than the other members of the frame.

6. Jamb
The jamb of a window is the vertical or horizontal frame member of a window. The jamb helps to keep a window in place.

7. Lift
A window lift is a device used to open and close a window. It is usually operated by a handle or a knob.

8. Pane
The pane of a window is the glass surface of the window. It protects the interior of the building from the elements and provides a clear view of the outside.

9. Sash
The sash is the part of a window that holds the glass. It is typically made of wood or metal.

10. Sash Lock
A sash lock is a type of lock that is typically used on windows. It is designed to secure the window in place and prevent it from being opened.

11. Sill

Thesill is the bottom horizontal piece of a window. Its main purposes are to provide support for the window and help o keep water and drafts from coming into the home.

12. Stool
A window stool is a horizontal trim piece that covers the space between the bottom of the window and is parallel to the floor. It is used to cover the opening and provide a finished look.

13. Rail
The rail of a window is a horizontal or vertical member that forms the frame of the window. It keeps the window sash in place.

Window Screen Terms

1. Acorn Latch
The acorn latch of a window screen is a small, metal latch used to hold the screen in place. It is located at the top of the screen and used to secure the screen to the window frame.

2. Bail Loop Latch

The bail loop latch of a window screen is a small loop of metal or plastic used to secure the screen to the window frame. The latch is inserted into a small hole in the frame and secured with a screw or nail.

3. Center Cross Bar
The center cross bar of a window screen is the bar that goes across the middle of the screen. It is used to hold the screen in place and keep it from sagging.

4. Pet Screen
A pet screen is a type of mesh used in screens to keep animals from entering a space. The mesh usually is made from a strong material that can withstand scratches and clawing.

5. Screen
The screen of a window is a piece of mesh material, usually made from fiberglass, that is stretched over a window frame of wood or metal. It is used to keep insects and other small animals from entering a building through the window.

6. Screen Outside Measurement
The height and width of a window screen including its frame.

7. Solar Screen
A solar screen is made of a material designed to reflect or absorb the sun's rays. Solar screens can be used on windows and doors to help keep the inside of a home or building cool.

8. Spline
A screen spline is a type of seal used to join two pieces of material together, such as two pieces of screen. The spline helps to create a seal so that air and water cannot pass through the joint.