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Installing a Pet Guard for Your Screen Door

If you have rambunctious pets, installing a pet guard for your screens may be a great addition to your home. Claws, paws, and teeth can easily take a toll on your screen door, leading to numerous damages and consequential repairs that can add up to be costly and time-consuming. Don't set yourself up to spend time and effort addressing these issues - prevent the damage from occurring before it starts. We offer highly durable screen door guards to keep your pet safe inside your home and protect your screen as well.

Once your grill screen door guard is installed, your pet will be less inclined to try and break through your door. Even if your pet is particularly determined, they won't be able to tear your screen. With all of the stimulation from mail deliveries, guests, and the joy of you arriving home, it's never a bad idea to put this extra protection in place for your pet.
It's also important to note that these aren't just protective for pets - they're effective at keeping small children inside as well. Installing a pet guard for your screens enhances the safety standards of your home, and that helps to protect your children from cutting your screen or falling through it. Our highly-durable screen guards will only serve to help keep the ones you love safe, pet and human alike.
We also offer options for swinging doors and storm doors made out of aluminum rather than steel. All of these options for grill pet guards can be found on our website on our Pet Guard for Screen Doors page.
Installing a pet guard is easier than you think! With the help of basic hardware, it won't take you much time or energy. Before you begin, make sure you have a drill and a screwdriver handy.
Also, make sure to complete step 1 in the following guide before you order to make sure that you're choosing the correct width for your pet guard. Having the right width that aligns perfectly with your screen door will ensure the process stays easy and alleviate the need to return and re-order your guard. With that being said, let's get started on the installation process!


Step 1: Width
First, you're going to measure the width of your door. We offer different grill sizes to accommodate your door, so be sure to order yours by your door width: 30", 36", and 48" are the standard sizes that will suit your needs.
As far as height goes, you'll be set with one of our guards. They're 24 5/8" tall, so they'll be the perfect height to protect your pets and children and won't require a kick plate.

Step 2: Drill
Line up the pet guard with your screen door. If you can, use some clamps to fasten the grill to your door and hold it in place while you drill. Then, drill through the holes on the guard into your screen door, but be sure to only drill through the outer part of the screen door - not through it!

Step 3: Install the Screws
Last but not least, you're going to secure the guard into your door with the screws provided. Tighten the screws into the holes you've just drilled using a screwdriver. Once they're tightened completely, the screen door pet guard will be secured onto your door, ready to protect your screen and the pets and children you love.