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Improve Your Home with New Shutters

Are shutters on your list of home improvements this year? Maybe they should be. Shutters add a timeless and finished look to your home and can even improve its value. Let’s explore six reasons why adding shutters to your home could be the right step.

Light control

Light can be the most difficult home element to control. Whether you’re trying to sleep during the day or have a family movie night while the sun is still out, external light can pose a problem. Blinds are helpful but don’t block all light; curtains often have a gap that can’t be fixed. Shutters provide full control over the light in your home. You may even need less artificial light because of this added control, which could mean energy savings.

An extra layer

Adding an extra layer to your windows has more benefits than you might think. The first benefit is noise reduction. Imagine a home without the extra sounds from a busy street or not being able to hear neighbors discussing their lawns. The second benefit is energy efficiency. This added layer helps reduce hot and cold air transfer; shutters can keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Privacy and Security 

Windows are a common weak point in homes, and a common choice when someone is trying to break into your home. Shutters are a great deterrent. The extra layer to cut through and the noise they create make your home a difficult target. And unlike curtains, shutters provide a completely private experience. There’s no gap for neighbors to peak through as they walk by. You can also quickly shut out any unwanted attention or noise. 


Blinds and curtains require maintenance and regular cleaning; it’s easy for them to become damaged through normal living. Shutters are located outside and are less likely to be harmed by children and pets. They also require, at most, a weekly wipe-down. Cleaning them quickly with a wet cloth is all that’s needed as opposed to the consistent washing of curtains. Expect maintained shutters to last for many years.

Easy to Use

A button or remote controls many modern shutters, making them simple to use for anyone. If you’re looking at options for someone elderly, disabled, or who loves convenience, powered shutters will allow them control of their space with an easy push of the button. There’s no need to go outside or leave your chair to adjust your home’s brightness, noise level, or security.

Improved Curb Appeal

Shutters can be the perfect finishing touch for your already beautiful home. They provide a classic look that is difficult to achieve any other way and can be customized to fit your existing style. Shutters come in many color and style options, allowing you to personalize your home completely. They can even add to the resale value. Your curb appeal is sure to increase when adding this upgrade.

Shutters provide a host of benefits for your space. When considering the cost, this home improvement may save you money and stress in the long run. The added insulation and natural light control can reduce your electric and gas costs, while reduced noise and increased security bring peace of mind. Shutters are an investment that will pay dividends throughout the life of your home.