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How To Replace Your Own Window Screen in 4 Easy Steps

Quality window screens play an essential role in your comfort at home. They provide refreshing airflow throughout the house while keeping insects, pollen, and other debris out. They also play a role in keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, resulting in lower energy costs and a more comfortable home.

However, a screen is no longer effective if it has large holes and tears. If you notice small holes in your screens, you can typically patch them to keep your window screen looking good. But if your window screens have sustained significant damage, then it’s time to replace them.

The experts at Quality Screen Company recommend that you follow the below steps when replacing your window screens. Additionally, we offer Do It Yourself Screen Kits to help you get the job done faster. And, of course, if you simply don’t have the time for this time-intensive chore, our team of installers would be happy to do the work for you.

 Step 1: Remove The Damaged Screen Mesh

First, remove the screen from the window and place it on a flat work surface. The mesh is held in place on most screens with a plastic cord called a spline. You typically can use a slotted or flathead screwdriver to carefully remove the spline from the channel. You can then remove and dispose of the damaged mesh.

 Step 2: Roll Out and Cut The New Mesh

Next, roll out and cut new screen mesh to cover the entire frame. Be sure to leave an extra two inches on the material on all sides so you can secure it tightly later. Quality Screen Company offers a wide variety of mesh materials to help you with this step, including Aluminum and Fiberglass. We also offer specialty meshes, like Pet Screen and No-See-Um, if you want to upgrade your screens while you’re at it.

 Step 3: Stretch The Mesh and Install The New Spline

Position the new mesh in the frame so that the material overlaps the frame on all sides. Pull the screen taut with the help of a friend, or you can stretch the screening with tape and clamps. Using a spline roller, press the spline and screen into the frame’s retaining grooves. Once secured, the mesh should continue to be pulled taut across the frame with the spline alone. You may remove any tape or clamps you were using.

 Step 4: Remove Excess Mesh Material

After securing the mesh and installing the new spline, trim away the extra material with scissors or a utility knife. Do not cut the spline itself. Now you’re ready to replace the screen in the window and take enjoyment in a job well done.

 How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Screen On A Window?

According to HomeAdvisor, a single-window screen replacement costs between $135 and $500, but the average is generally around $300. Fortunately, doing the work yourself can cut down costs tremendously. Finding a deal on materials also can save you money. Quality Screen Company offers screen rolls per linear foot at affordable prices, so you do not have excess material or excess waste. We also offer materials of various colors and durabilities so you can customize your screens to your lifestyle and home’s style. Shop our wide selection of screening mesh materials today.