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How To Remove and Replace A Damaged Screen Spline

Most window and door screens are held within the frame with screen splines. A spline is a rubber tubing pressed firmly into the groove of the screen frame, keeping the mesh in place. While splines will generally last the entirety of the life of the screen, sometimes a screen spline will deteriorate and need to be replaced while the rest of the screen is still intact.
Whatever type of damage, it’s vital to replace a damaged screen spline to maintain the integrity of the rest of the window or door screen. Learn how to replace a damaged screen spline on your window or door.

Removing A Damaged Screen Spline
First, remove the screen from the window or door and lay it on a flat surface, avoiding unnecessary damage to the screen frame. Next, pry up the old spline using a slotted or flathead screwdriver. If the spline breaks into pieces, you can remove the pieces with a putty knife or pliers. Finally, with a dry cloth, clean the spline groove and the rest of the screen.
If you discover that your screen spline has melted, you can use a utility knife to cut the spline into manageable pieces and then scrape it out as you work. It can be a tedious process to remove a melted spline, but it can be a better alternative than replacing the entire screen itself.

What if only a portion of your screen spline is damaged?

 You may think it will save time and money to replace only a portion of the spline; however, it’s important to the stability and longevity of your entire screen that the spline fits securely into the spline groove. For this reason, we recommend replacing the whole spline.

How To Size and Match Your New Screen Spline
When replacing your screen spline, you’ll want to ensure that the new one is the proper size and color. To find the size, measure the height and width of the spline groove on the screen frame. Spline sizes are typically shown in decimals to match the spline groove measurements in inches.
You will also want to match the material of the spline as well. The standard spline will be made of fiberglass or aluminum, but form core and flat vinyl are available. Most splines come in black or gray. Quality Screen Company offers a wide variety of screen splines, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your other screens.

Installing A New Spline
Ensure that the screen spline grooves are facing upwards; then, using the rounded end of your spline roller, roll the screen into the grooves of the frame. If you do not have a spline roller available to you, you can do the same thing with a flathead screwdriver; however, it may make the process more challenging.
Next, insert the free end of the spline with your screwdriver. Hold the free end of the spline while you push the other end into the spline groove. Once the entire spline has been inserted into the frame, you can cut the remaining portion off with a utility knife. The new spline should fit snug and secure into the spline groove. You may need to push the spline into each corner with your screwdriver or utility knife.

By following the above steps, you’ll be able to remove and replace any damaged screen spline you come across. If you have any additional questions about spline installation, please contact the expert team at Quality Screen Company.