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How To Measure Window Screens For Your House or Apartment

If you want to install window screens from Quality Screen Company, but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s discuss how to measure for new window screens, both with an existing screen and without one.

Window Screen Measuring Basics
When measuring your windows, you want to ensure that your measurements are as precise as possible. Your tape measure must be kept perfectly straight. Because of that, we recommend using a metal measuring tape as it allows for the best accuracy. We also recommend measuring all windows in several places. This will help you account for inconsistencies as windows can bow and shift slightly over time, especially in older homes. Always measure to the nearest 1/16 inch and list your width first, following with your height measurement.

Types of Window Screens

Windows can be as unique as the home itself, so keep in mind that your measuring technique may vary depending on your screen type. Some of the most popular types of window screens are:

• Single Hung Half Window Screens
• Double-Hung Full Window Screens
• Wood Window Screens
• Horizontal “Slider” Half Window Screens,
• Vinyl Tilt Out Window Screens.

If unsure what type of screen you require, check out our how-to guides that describe the differences between each type of screen and how measuring techniques will differ.

Measuring Using An Existing Screen
One of the easiest ways to measure window screens is to use an existing screen. First, measure the width, or the shortest side, of the screen. Measure to the outside edge of the window screen frame. Then, measure the longest side or height. You’ll want to measure the thickness of your screen’s frame. The most common size is 5/16 x 3/4; however, you don’t want to assume this measurement as it could become a costly fix later.

Measuring Without An Existing Screen
Of course, many of our customers live in apartments or homes that do not have screens and need to measure their windows before installation. This task can be trickier to complete; however, our experts are always happy to help.

To get started, simply place the end of the metal tape measure behind the lip of the window and measure up vertically to the window screen channel. Next, you will measure the horizontal screen channel. Find this measurement with your metal tape measure and then subtract an ⅛ of an inch.

If you own slider windows, find the u-shaped channel that is shallower than the others. This is the lip of this type of window. Once you’ve located the lip of the slider window, you can measure the window as above. You’ll want to make notes of any springs, clips, or other hardware to ensure the most accurate fit for your windows.

We’re Here to Help
If, after following the above steps, you’re still having trouble measuring your window, or if you have any other questions, the expert team at QualityWindowScreen.com would be happy to walk you through the entire process. By investing in quality-made screens, you can effectively cool your home, blackout total rooms, and prevent pesky insects from entering your home. We also offer screens that can stand up to your pet’s sharp claws! Contact us today for more information.